Quick Heal Highlights The Significance of Privacy Score in Cyber Threats

Quick Heal Highlights The Significance of Privacy Score in Cyber Threats

In the wake of recent reports revealing alarming data breaches, Quick Heal, a leading global provider of cybersecurity solutions, has underscored the significance of prioritizing online privacy in today's dynamic threat landscape by adopting a proactive approach towards cybersecurity with metrics such as privacy score. The reported disclosure of Aadhar and other personally identifiable data is a stark reminder that such data breaches create a ripe opportunity for financial fraud, identity theft, and several other crimes. Quick Heal recognizes that safeguarding digital identity is paramount in today’s interconnected world, and that the protection of personal data is now more critical than ever before.

The company believes that to protect their privacy, internet users need to be aware of the various factors that affect their privacy and take proactive measures to improve it. This is where the concept of Privacy Score comes in. Privacy Score is a numerical value that indicates how well a user is protecting their privacy from the online threats. It is calculated based on several parameters, such as the security settings of the device, the apps installed, the permissions granted, the data shared, the browsing habits, and the exposure to phishing or malware. A higher Privacy Score means that the user is taking adequate steps to safeguard their privacy, while a lower Privacy Score means that the user is vulnerable to privacy breaches and needs to improve their privacy practices.

With the vision of making personal data security an imperative, Quick Heal has introduced privacy score metrics in its latest product, Quick Heal v24. The Privacy Score Feature embedded v24 serves as a commitment to empowering users with a comprehensive shield against various cyber threats, such as ransomware, spyware, phishing, keyloggers, rootkits, and more. The security suite also includes features like Anti-Theft, Parental Control, Safe Banking, Web Security, and Firewall. By using the Privacy Score feature, users can gain more control over their privacy and prevent the cybercriminals from exploiting their personal information. The feature also helps users to stay updated with the latest privacy trends and best practices.

The Data Breach Alert functionality enables proactive measures against common data breaches, notifying users promptly about compromised confidential information like email IDs and passwords, acting as a vigilant neighbor in the digital landscape. The Webcam Protection feature ensures protection against unauthorized access, shielding personal lives from potential threats such as extortion or invasion of privacy.

Users can take control of their digital footprint with the Anti-Tracker, blocking websites from monitoring online activities and providing a digital bodyguard to safeguard privacy. Should an additional layer of security be required, the Password Protection feature takes center stage, restricting access and modification of antivirus settings solely to authorized individuals. This establishes an impregnable digital fortress against malevolent cyber intrusions.

In the realm of public Wi-Fi networks, Quick Heal's Safe Wi-Fi emerges as a discerning guide, confirms the security of public networks, protecting devices from potential data theft, ensuring a secure connection and safeguarding digital privacy. In moments of unforeseen digital exigency, the Data Backup feature stands as a discrete repository, routinely storing invaluable data, affording users a safety net amidst the turbulence of the digital landscape.

Privacy Score is a key indicator of the security of personal online information. Quick Heal v24 offers a comprehensive solution, enabling users to not only boost their Privacy Score but also fortify their online defenses. Quick Heal’s commitment to privacy is unwavering, and the Privacy Score in Quick Heal v24 stands testament to that pledge.

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