Quick Heal Does Groundbreaking Discovery Regarding Expiro Virus

Quick Heal Does Groundbreaking Discovery Regarding Expiro Virus

Quick Heal has made a groundbreaking discovery regarding the Expiro virus, a formidable file infector that compromises executable files on users' systems. The company's Security Labs experts have successfully identified multiple infection vectors and devised a comprehensive solution to mitigate the impact of this malicious malware, making Quick Heal the first and only cybersecurity solutions provider to offer a complete end-to-end solution for Expiro virus.

Expiro, known for its ability to append virus code to executable files, poses a significant challenge in terms of their repair, cleaning, and restoration. Its complex and lengthy algorithms make it difficult to restore the original file, targeting both 32-bit and 64-bit executable files. The latest variant of Expiro Appender, compromises the integrity of executable files by inserting its malicious code at the end of the last section. Furthermore, Expiro exhibits advanced capabilities such as data exfiltration, sensitive information theft, and additional malware installation.

Researchers at Quick Heal have identified infection vectors employed by Expiro, including cracked or patched software versions, drive-by downloads from infected websites, propagation by other malware, network shares, USB drives, and malvertising campaigns, among others. What sets this version of Expiro apart from previous file infectors is its technique of storing clean data. While earlier infectors either had clean data directly present or hidden through encryption, this virus employs multiple levels of encryption, combining standardized and custom algorithms to encrypt and store the clean data. The use of custom algorithms poses a particular challenge in cracking and reverting files to their original clean state.

Thus, the experts at Quick Heal’s Security Labs have not only analyzed the latest version to understand how Expiro spreads, but also developed a complete solution to mitigate its impact. This solution not only cleans the infection, but also repairs the files and restores them back to their original location. Users no longer need to stress over the challenges of having to restore impacted applications and files manually from back up or the clean source.

Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Jt. Managing Director, Quick Heal Technologies Limited, commented, “Our relentless pursuit of cybersecurity excellence has led to a major milestone in the fight against the Expiro virus. Quick Heal's Security Labs researchers have displayed unwavering dedication and expertise in uncovering multiple infection vectors and developing a groundbreaking solution. Most softwares currently available in the market don’t even detect Expiro leave aside clean up and repair aspects. Thus, we are proud to be the first to offer a comprehensive solution that cleans, repairs and, restores the infected applications and data without our customers having to do it manually.”

“This achievement reflects Quick Heal's unwavering commitment to innovation and our mission to provide robust protection against evolving cyber threats. We remain steadfast in our resolve to safeguard our users' digital environments.” He added.

With this, Quick Heal reinforces its position as a leading cybersecurity company dedicated to providing its customers with advanced protection and most innovative solutions.

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