Qualcomm Hosted Developer Conference in Hyderabad, Focusing on 5G and AI Innovation

Qualcomm Hosted Developer Conference in Hyderabad, Focusing on 5G and AI Innovation

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., hosted a Developer Conference in Hyderabad, India, bringing together over 150 developers, engineers, and industry leaders. The event highlighted Qualcomm's commitment to fostering innovation and empowering the developer community in India with access to cutting-edge technologies in 5G and AI. 

The conference featured keynotes by industry partners along with senior leaders at Qualcomm decoding the art of what is possible, aligned to the company’s vision of driving innovation that is designed for the future. Speaking at the event were Glance by InMobi, AjnaLens, MobilePhysics, Sonde Health, Awiros, Spectricity, Prophesee, Map My India (MMI), Teksun and Reverie who showcased their solutions meant for new-age use cases such as multilingual voice commands, deployment of vocal biomarkers in low to mid-tier smartphones for health tracking and tracking air quality on your phones, utilizing Qualcomm’s AI-led platforms and Edge intelligence. Additionally, Professor Ramesh Loganathan of IIIT Hyderabad, conveyed the institute’s efforts to advance R&D in edge AI with support from Qualcomm. 

Discussing AI's role in India's growing tech ecosystem, Boston Consulting Group delivered a keynote titled 'Future of AI: Gen AI on Device', highlighting the growth potential associated with bringing AI to device which is a key development for a device-led market like India with 152 smartphone shipments in 2023, as per Counterpoint. The discussion also emphasized the role developers are poised to play in India’s AI landscape with their innovation prowess. 

The presentation highlighted:

  • India's potential to lead in on-device Generative AI (Gen AI) technology, shaping global innovation in the AI domain.

  • Leveraging its large consumer base, robust technology talent, improved infrastructure, and flourishing startup ecosystem, India has seen a significant surge in AI activity, with patent filings increasing from 657 in 2017-18 to 4063 in 2021-22.

  • The country is also home to about 100 Gen AI startups, which have collectively raised $700 million between 2021 and 2023, with $500 million secured by 24 startups in 2023 alone.

Aarav Singhal, Managing Director and Partner at Boston Consulting Group said: “The future of Gen AI is set to adopt a hybrid model that integrates on-device capabilities, edge computing, and cloud solutions. This structure enhances data privacy, utilizes newer technologies like 5G, and opens new opportunities for developers, ensuring Gen AI's pivotal role across diverse applications.” 

Qualcomm is accelerating investments in ecosystem development employing an omni-channel strategy to support the growing scale and diversity of its customers and help streamline current community support mechanisms. Developer first resources such as the Qualcomm Innovators Development Kit (QIDK), a package of hardware, software and customer support for developers interested in working with our premium SoCs, and the Qualcomm® AI Hub, a collection of 80+ optimized AI models ready for deployment across Qualcomm and Snapdragon platforms, are some of the ways that the company is evolving to better connect developers with its offerings and provide better experiences to developers going forward.

These resources enable at-scale on-device AI commercialization across next-generation PCs, smartphones, software-defined vehicles, XR devices, IoT and more, empowering developers to fully harness the potential of these cutting-edge technologies and create captivating AI-enabled apps in a growth-led market like India.  

Qualcomm goes beyond mobile communication to play a pivotal role in connected computing, extending its influence into sectors like automotive and IoT. Some of its latest platforms include the Qualcomm® QCC730 Wi-Fi solution and Qualcomm® RB3 Gen 2 Platform, designed to empower developers with enhanced on-device AI capabilities and connectivity for IoT applications. These innovations underscore Qualcomm's commitment to driving technological evolution and empowering developers to create impactful solutions.

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