Polycab Unveils New Brand Identity, ‘Ideas. Connected.’

Polycab Unveils New Brand Identity, ‘Ideas. Connected.’

Polycab India launched its latest brand identity with the new tagline ‘Ideas. Connected’ which used to be ‘Connection Zindagi Ka’ earlier. The firm also changed its logo. The Interbrand is the one behind this brand refresh.

The wire and cable manufacturer company has redefined its brand identity making it more modern, relatable, and contemporary for customers and retaining the firm’s core value intact. Polycab is expanding its product portfolio to include a broader selection of electrical solutions tailored for contemporary lifestyles, with a strong focus on safety and sustainability.

“The new visual identity reflects the colours of dawn, symbolising Polycab's commitment to reaching new heights, mirroring the rising sun, and encapsulates the vision of uniting all towards a brighter future by ingeniously incorporating the letter 'O,' a prominent sound in the Polycab name, into its innovative visual emblem. The three colours red, blue and purple signify leadership in wires and cables, the connection with customers, through the FMEG category and its future readiness respectively. This representation aims to make the brand more modern, contemporary, and relatable to the customers whilst retaining the organisation’s core values,” the firm informed in the press release.

Inder Jaisinghani, MD and Chairman of Polycab India spoke at the event, “As we reflect on our remarkable journey from the inception as a single electrical store to the leader in wires and cables manufacturing, we are filled with pride. We have always believed evolution is the key to staying relevant and hence continue to work towards offering futuristic solutions to our customers. We have grown by focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer-centricity, and now, this new brand identity reflects our core pillars.”

CFO of Polycab, Gandharv Tongia, said during the event, “We want to evolve from our manufacturing-centric, product-only organisation to a solution-oriented organisation and we want to support our customers by continuously innovating with ideas and simplifying the lives of our customers.”

Nilesh Malani, Chief Marketing Officer of Polycab said that brand’s objective behind this significant brand refresh is “to be seen as a modern, relevant and contemporary brand in the consumer market as well as connecting with the large youth audience of the country.”

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