Pierce Aerospace Enters into Partnership with Skye Air Mobility

Pierce Aerospace Enters into Partnership with Skye Air Mobility

Pierce Aerospace and Skye Air Mobility announced their partnership at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, NV. The partnership brings Pierce Aerospace's Flight Portal ID UAS Technologies as an integrated Remote ID solution with Skye Air Mobility's drone delivery platforms and Skye UTM (Skye Air’s proprietary UTM platform) starting in 2023.

Skye Air Mobility brings drone delivery to India's healthcare, e-commerce, quick commerce and agri-commodity sectors to build the fastest, most sustainable, and most efficient network to transport everything and anything that a drone can fly. Skye Air is marking its monopoly in 10 states across India working with clients like Flipkart, Dunzo, Swiggy, BlueDart DHL, Redcliffe Labs, Aster Healthcare, Cure Foods, Tata 1MG and many others. Skye Air has completed over 2300+ BVLOS flights delivering over 1 million packages covering an aerial distance of 12800+ km. The mission of the company is to enable faster, sustainable, cost-effective and efficient deliveries across verticals and bring in the rightful impact to reduce TAT (turn-around-time) for its clients and their consumers.

Skye Air recently introduced its proprietary UTM platform, Skye UTM which is a cloud-based UAS traffic management system that stitches unmanned air traffic with the manned aviation airspace.

Skye UTM is India’s one and only drone traffic management platform that has been built towards providing better navigation, risk assessment, connectivity, and traffic management to all drone operators across the airspace. Skye UTM has already supported 300+ successful BVLOS drone flights till date. The Skye UTM captures more than 255+ parameters of drone movements and stores them into its ‘Blackbox’ which is a published systematic description of the entire flight. The platform offers the first 3-Dimensional view of the drone airspace along with operations and regulations mapping servers which offer the latest airspace status, verified paths, and display real time UAV movements.

"We're working with the Skye Air team on concepts that will work in India's rapidly growing drone market," said Aaron Pierce, CEO of Pierce Aerospace. "Our infrastructure approach to Remote ID aids Skye Air's growth and integrates their UTM with our Remote ID services that enhance the safety and security of their commercial operations."

“We are very proud to partner with leading Remote ID service provider, Pierce Aerospace, said Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air. The partnership will bring together a combined solution of UTM & RID to the Indian and the US market. Having completed more than 1 million package deliveries, we believe it’s the right time to introduce the solution for enterprises and the government to manage traffic and have real-time UAS tracking through combined solutions. Skye Air is uniquely positioned both as a service provider and user for the combined (UTM + RID) offerings.”

"As an Indiana-based company, we are especially excited to continue the growth of Indiana and India's thriving trade and business relationship," said Pierce.

Ankit Kumar, CEO of Skye Air, further added “After having completed over 1 million package deliveries in India, we are scaling the drone delivery model in multiple parts of India. With Remote ID systems, we shall be making the flights more trackable and safer. The solution will also build confidence in regulators and ANSPs towards having situational awareness of the UAS activities and segregate between approved and rogue drones so as to deploy necessary measures.”

Pierce Aerospace and Skye Air aim to utilize the companies’ respective technologies in both hardware and software to expand commercial drone delivery opportunities. The future inclusion of Flight Portal ID's commercial Remote ID data feeds allows Skye Air to correlate and positively identify UAS in its proprietary Skye UTM system. At the same time, those data feeds can provide critical situational awareness to Indian government regulators and security organizations.

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