Persistent Makes History with Three Guinness World Records

Persistent Makes History with Three Guinness World Records

Persistent Systems recently achieved three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles for the Largest bicycle logo/image, Most live viewers of a cycling awareness video lesson on YouTube, and the Largest online video album of people riding bicycles to reinforce its commitment toward environment and employee health.

When Persistent crossed the $1 billion annual revenue milestone in FY23, it decided to send a token of its appreciation to its global employees for their contribution to its continued success. Among the choices given to the employees were an electronic audio device, travel accessories, and bicycles. About 9,000 employees opted for the bicycle, which prompted Persistent to initiate the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title attempts and further encourage the fitness journeys of its employees.

On the records front, the Company created its logo with 704 bicycles, showcasing its dedication to employee wellness and symbolizing it by etching it in its brand identity. 7,348 employees and their families viewed the cycling awareness lesson live on YouTube to help them understand more about cycling best practices and safety. Further, to make cycling a movement and motivate employees to adopt environment-friendly transport, the Company built an online video album of people riding bicycles, with 5,098 individuals contributing to it. 

Sandeep Kalra, CEO and Executive Director, Persistent:

“Well-being of our employees is an essential part of Persistent’s culture and has always been our priority. We were proud to see that most of our global team members chose bicycles as a billion-dollar gift, and what’s better than creating a world record to celebrate this spirit. Achieving three GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS titles has encouraged our teams even more to focus on their physical and mental health. I want to express my gratitude to all the employees and their family members who contributed to setting this record and demonstrating their dedication to overall well-being #ThePersistentWay.”

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