Persistent Introduces First-of-its-Kind Open-Source Maintenance Service

Persistent Introduces First-of-its-Kind Open-Source Maintenance Service

Persistent Systems launched a unique open-source maintenance service to facilitate keeping an organization’s open-source software up to date with all patches, bug fixes, and incorporating the latest software releases. The service is comprised of a dedicated team of experts and specialists dealing with a wide range of complex software, equipped with the latest technologies, and backed by a knowledge base to help clients maintain their open-source software with all releases for the continuity of business operations.

More than 90% of an application’s software is constructed using open-source components. While open-source software offers numerous advantages, it also presents particular challenges in an enterprise environment. Organizations face delays in software upgrades and maintenance while waiting for the open-source community to provide fixes, which in turn means potentially missing software delivery and security compliance obligations. Persistent’s open-source maintenance service aims to address this challenge with a dedicated team focused on component upgrades while maintaining security and integrity. It accelerates an enterprise’s ability to optimize operations and improves efficiency with fast, high-quality, compatible, and secure fixes in hours instead of days by leveraging cutting-edge technologies like Large Language Models and Generative AI, among others.

Persistent provides a range of offerings under this service, from a complimentary project assessment to two premium subscriptions. The complimentary service provides valuable insights on the potential vulnerabilities in projects and areas of improvement, with recommendations to enhance software performance and security. 

To opt in to tailored open-source solutions, the Company offers two subscriptions. One provides timely alerts and support for available solutions with customized fixes if solutions are unavailable within the open-source community; the premium subscription is a comprehensive package that provides end-to-end automated deployment of solutions, streamlining the implementation process. Each fix is tested, SLSA-3 compliant, and compatible with the project.

Persistent has partnered with Lineaje Inc., a leading expert in software supply chain security management, to integrate its technology and advanced AI capabilities into Persistent’s open-source service. Lineaje will enable the Company to help clients gain visibility into open-source components and provide impact assessment and prioritization of maintenance based on compatibility, integrity, and security in their supply chain.

This service ensures open-source updates are compatible with existing software components, provides VEX (Vulnerability Exploitability eXchange) documents for potential vulnerabilities, and delivers pre-tested certified fixes for risks in a timely manner.

Nitish Shrivastava, Senior Vice President and Head of Product Business, Persistent:

“Organizations across industries are significantly lagging in software upgrades, and many issues discovered in open-source code remain unresolved for an indeterminate amount of time. The engineering mindset of our expert team and our experience building and solving complex software and security issues allows Persistent to provide high quality, customized fixes to open-source components, so our clients can enhance their operational efficiency and meet governance standards in a much faster timeframe. Our unique offering aims to establish a standardized service for timely open-source maintenance and foster collaboration within the greater open-source community, contributing to its growth.”  

Javed Hasan, Chief Executive Officer, Lineaje Inc.:

“Open-source code makes up a substantial portion of the modern organization’s software supply chain. Without formal tools to peel back what’s in open-source dependencies, developers and security teams are in the dark about what’s in their software. Given the prevalence of security and maintainability issues in the majority of open-source components, coupled with the fact that 64% of vulnerabilities lack available fixes, there's a critical need for managed and secure open-source components. We are excited that Lineaje open-source management technology has been selected for Persistent’s open-source service to address this significant gap in software development organizations.”

Nico Popp, Chief Product Officer, Tenable:

“In today's software landscape, open-source plays a pivotal role, serving as a foundational strategy for software developers. With over 82% of open-source components being high risk, ensuring the security and uninterrupted support of these resources is paramount to sustaining industry progress while upholding the highest standards of security and integrity. Persistent, leveraging its extensive history in product engineering spanning decades, combined with Lineaje's groundbreaking and distinctive technology, stands as the ideal bridge to address this critical need.”

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