PayU India Announced Partnership with VTEX to Power Motorola's Online Store

PayU India Announced Partnership with VTEX to Power Motorola's Online Store

PayU has been named the exclusive payments partner for Motorola as it establishes its own online store in collaboration with VTEX, the global enterprise digital commerce platform. With PayU's comprehensive payment options and industry-leading transaction success rates, Motorola aims to deliver a seamless and secure payment experience for its customers in India.

As a part of this partnership, Motorola would gain access to PayU’s industry-leading Affordability Suite that helps maximize sales by offering 150+ payment methods, including Credit Card EMIs, Debit Card EMIs, Cardless EMI, and Buy Now Pay Later. Motorola uses PayU’s Affordability Suite to make purchasing easier for a wider customer base. Using PayU’s Affordability Widget, Motorola can now make EMIs and many other payment options more discoverable. The brand will also manage its entire offer lifecycle – sourcing, running, reconciling offers and settlements using PayU’s Offer Engine.

The strategic partnership between PayU and VTEX also benefits Motorola through PayU's comprehensive analytics and reporting features that provide the brand with valuable insights into payment performance. With comprehensive transaction tracking, success rates, and other key metrics, Motorola can make informed strategic decisions for its business plans in India.

Commenting on the collaboration, Nikhil Mehta, Senior Vice President - Partnerships & Payments Strategy at PayU India, stated, "We are thrilled to be the exclusive payments partner for Motorola's online store. By leveraging PayU's wide range of payment options, industry-leading Affordability Suite & Offers Engine, advanced security measures, and easy integration capabilities, Motorola can provide a seamless, accessible, and secure online shopping experience to its customers, fostering business growth."

Shivam Ranjan, Head of Marketing at Motorola - Asia Pacific, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "Partnering with PayU India and VTEX allows us to enhance our customers' online shopping journey by offering a diverse range of payment options, top-notch security, and streamlined payment processes. We are confident this collaboration will contribute to the success of our new online store."

In this Motorola case, and many others, the strategic alliance between VTEX and PayU offers companies a ready-to-use, pre-integrated payment solution that shortens time-to-revenue and provides exceptional checkout services.

“Unified Commerce has transitioned from a desirable feature to an absolute necessity,” said Prakash Gurumoorthy, general manager at VTEX  EMEA & APAC. He also highlights the team’s collective commitment to delivering a digital commerce platform that helps enterprises grow while staying relevant for convenience-driven consumers. Prakash states: “Our collaboration with PayU strengthens our composable and complete commerce platform for enterprise brands and retailers in India. With this pre-integrated payment solution, VTEX clients can access various payment methods, enabling a faster time-to-revenue.”

VTEX has played a pivotal role in helping businesses achieve their digital commerce transformation goals in more than 38 countries. With PayU’s cutting-edge services, international brands can enter the Indian market and reduce the go-live time since payment methods will be seamlessly integrated.

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