PatSeer's AI Search v2 Engine Delivers 33% Better Patent Search Results

PatSeer's AI Search v2 Engine Delivers 33% Better Patent Search Results

Exactly one year ago, PatSeer launched its AI search for patents by introducing a completely new search powered by a custom-trained LLM model. Today I am excited to announce AI Search v2 which is a significant upgrade to the underlying AI search engine.

The underlying LLM powering v2 has undergone extensive downstream training and fine-tuning for various technology segments resulting in a better understanding of the search context and therefore better-quality results.

Early users of PatSeer AI search have quickly realized the power of having both Expert Search and AI search in a single platform. We've also listened closely to our users' feedback, incorporating their suggestions into the development of this new version. For instance, user directives to the AI search are given increased weightage in the engine. The result? A search tool that not only understands patent semantics better but also provides users more control over the output.

Measuring improvements in search quality across technology domains

Using sample datasets from the different WIPO technology domains, we analyzed the improvements made by the new v2 model over our previous v1 model. For this, we measure the number of X (or 102) and Y (or 103) cited records that come up in the top 100 results. Each X/102 record is given twice as much weightage as a Y/103 record in our scoring model.

AI search v2 shows the highest recall improvement of 48.19% in the Instruments domain followed by Other and Chemistry domains. Importantly, all the domains have seen more than 15% improvement and an average of 33% improvement in recall.

Increasing users and usage of PatSeerโ€™s AI Search

The usage numbers speak for themselves. In the first month, AI searches accounted for a mere 1-2% of total searches being run on PatSeer. Today, that figure has grown to over 11%. In terms of users, one-third of the unique users on the platform are using AI searches each month. This remarkable increase demonstrates the growing popularity of our underlying engine.

The Road Ahead: Continuous Improvement

We continue to explore new ways to empower patent professionals with the tools they need to drive innovation. User feedback continues to be the main driving force behind our continuous enhancements. The launch of PatSeer AI Search v2 represents a significant milestone in our quest to make patent research more efficient, accurate, and accessible.

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