Locobuzz Can Now be Integrated with Google My Business to Boost Brands’ Customer Servicing

Locobuzz Can Now be Integrated with Google My Business to Boost Brands’ Customer Servicing

Locobuzz announces the integration of full-stack support for Google My Business (GMB), including Google’s Business Messages, within its SaaS platform. This strategic enhancement significantly bolsters Locobuzz's commitment to empowering businesses in managing their online presence seamlessly, fostering direct customer engagement, and delivering exceptional experiences throughout their journey.

As businesses increasingly rely on GMB to connect with their customers and manage their expectations, Locobuzz recognised the importance of providing a seamless connect between the two.  This is especially helpful because Locobuzz users can now deploy Business Messages easily. Business Messages is a robust and asynchronous messaging service empowering users to engage with brands from various entry points, including Google Search, Maps, Ads, and the brand's proprietary channels. With this new enhancement, brand partners can harness the power of GMB alongside existing features to offer customers instant responses and track their sentiments in real-time.

“For today’s businesses, each interaction is a pivotal opportunity, and Google My Business has emerged as the gateway where these critical moments unfold," affirmed Vishal Agarwal, Co-Founder & CEO of Locobuzz. "Our integration signifies more than a mere convergence of platforms; it's a strategic leap, empowering businesses to craft exceptional customer experiences and engagement. Locobuzz's unified CX platform, now fortified with Google My Business support, serves as the catalyst, transforming inquiries into connections and interactions into unwavering loyalty."

Kaushik Chakraborty, Head of Marketing & Corporate Communications at Tata Capital, said, "Locobuzz has transformed the response management for our Google My Business (GMB) listings for more than 500 locations from a complex task to a simple one. Its efficient processes have significantly cut down the time and resources we used to spend, making management straightforward and effective."

Locobuzz's comprehensive support for GMB offers a range of key features and benefits. These include seamless monitoring to safeguard online reputation, activation and management of Google Business Messaging to boost 'Near Me' searches, hyperlocal publishing for maintaining consistent Google My Business posts for each location, sophisticated tools for analysing customers' needs and preferences, efficient review response automation, and tools to improve and compare branch performance. With Locobuzz, businesses in industries such as banking, QSR, hospitality, and healthcare can effectively monitor reviews and queries, engage in real-time chat conversations with customers, personalize content for each location, interpret customer feedback, manage high volumes of customer interactions, enhance online visibility, and identify top-performing locations.

Locobuzz's commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions continues to drive the evolution of its unified CX platform, offering businesses a competitive edge in managing their Digital Presence and enhancing customer relationships. With a proven track record of delivering consistent value globally, Locobuzz has earned the trust of over 300 brands across the Hospitality, Telecom, Automotive, BFSI, Retail, eCommerce, FMCG, and Aviation sectors. The company's focus on bringing cutting-edge technology and an industry-first approach makes it the go-to platform for businesses.

The comprehensive support for Google My Business and Business Messages is available to both new and existing brand partners on Locobuzz's unified CX platform.

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