Kaizen Adds Lexar, Biostar and Creative to its Clientele for RMA Operations, Announces New Warehouse Facility

Kaizen Adds Lexar, Biostar and Creative to its Clientele for RMA Operations, Announces New Warehouse Facility

Kaizen Infoserve, the leading IT service provider based in Bangalore, is proud to announce the addition of Lexar, Biostar and Creative to its portfolio for RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) operations. This strategic move further solidifies Kaizen's reputation as a pioneer in revolutionizing customer experiences in technology support nationwide. In addition to these three new brands, Kaizen has a few more key brands in its pipeline. This strategic expansion reflects Kaizen's commitment to offering a diverse range of top-quality services and solutions, further solidifying its position as a trusted partner in the IT service provider industry.

With a strong track record of excellence, Kaizen Infoserve is already working with renowned brands like MSI, Micron, Galax, ADATA, INNO3D, Nextron, Wipro, Mercury, Corsair, Cooler Master, Array Networks, Zotac, Plutus, Flipkart, and Crucial by Micron.

The partnership with Lexar, Biostar and Creative aims to offer customers convenient access to high-quality tech support. Leveraging its extensive tech support infrastructure and widespread presence across India, Kaizen empowers its clients to deliver efficient service support to their customers, thereby enhancing brand trust and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, with the new financial year, Kaizen is all set to greet its clients with a new warehouse facility that incorporates an automatic pick and pack solution operational all 7 days of the week. This new facility, coinciding with the start of the new financial year, aims to provide end customers with faster Turnaround Time (TAT) for repaired or replacement products.

The new warehouse facility features modern CKD assembling tables, technology-driven quality control, and an AI tool to monitor productivity. It operates 365 days a year, ensuring time-bound deliverance. Additionally, the facility boasts 24x7 CCTV monitoring and a real-time PowerBI-based reporting tool that enables clients to download customized reports, enhancing transparency and efficiency in operations.

Mr. Murali Krishnan, Director, Kaizen Infoserve, expressed his excitement about the new partnerships and the company's commitment to delivering top-class services. He said, "Our recent partnerships with Lexar, Biostar and Creative signify a significant milestone in expanding our clientele. As a leading after-sales-service support provider, we are dedicated to constantly improving customer satisfaction. We have implemented several new initiatives and upgraded our service quality and system to enhance the overall customer experience. These efforts are aimed at strengthening the trust that customers place in the brands."

Kaizen's strategically positioned branch offices serve as vital links, connecting technical service requirements, demo & testing cells, servicing hubs, and logistics support systems, walk-in cells, across various states. This robust infrastructure enables Kaizen to deliver top-notch repair services. With a network of over 10 regional hubs and 50 active Kaizen Authorized Partners (KAP) in different cities nationwide, Kaizen guarantees seamless operations and unparalleled support for its clients.

Mr. Murali Krishnan also highlighted Kaizen Infoserve's robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which is both powerful and flexible. He explained, "Our CRM system enables us to tailor our relationships to meet the specific needs and satisfaction levels of the brands we represent, as well as our authorized service points, partners, and customers." He emphasized that depending on the brand, their unique requirements, and other conditions, Kaizen Infoserve promptly and effectively fulfills warranty requirements, resolving and satisfying over 80% of complaints within a 24-hour timeframe.

Kaizen Infoserve's efficient Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system plays a crucial role in managing Turnaround Time (TAT) as per the specific requirements of each brand and its products. Additionally, the company's advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows for the modification and adjustment of processes based on the needs of partners, resellers, authorized service points, and customers.

Kaizen Infoserve is strongly positioned in the market today, and continuous improvement and upgrading of the system are done to enhance customer satisfaction. Continuous efforts are made to ensure that the customer feedback and service system are efficient, effective, and customer-friendly.

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