JBL Launches Immersive 3D Anamorphic Campaign for Ultimate Sound Experience

JBL Launches Immersive 3D Anamorphic Campaign for Ultimate Sound Experience

JBL has executed a 3D anamorphic advertising campaign which features their advanced noise cancelling headphones, marking a significant first in the consumer audio industry. The anamorphic hoarding is a part of the month-long campaign which is displayed at two of the busiest airports of the country: the Indira Gandhi International Airport at New Delhi and the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport at Mumbai.

JBL's strategic presence in airports underscores its dedication in connecting with travelers, empowering them to truly elevate their travel experience with the remarkable noise-cancelling capabilities of JBL headphones with the remarkable noise-cancelling capabilities of JBL headphones like JBL Tour One M2 and JBL Live Pro 2 TWS.

JBL collaborated with Delhi-based agency- Marketing Solutions to launch this exciting campaign that showcases special Anamorphic Displays that make JBL products come alive. These displays stand at the forefront of 3D outdoor advertising, providing an immersive experience that top global brands have effectively used to engage their audiences. JBL's adoption of this advanced approach comes from the desire to create a unique and immersive experience for their consumers that sets them apart from their competitors and keeps them at the forefront of the industry.

The primary objective of this campaign is to engage travelers by emphasizing how JBL's Noise Cancelling headphones are a valuable asset for those on the go. They come in different forms like Over the Ear Headphones for long haul flights, or the more compact   True wireless Buds & Beam (stick) for carry in your pocket convenience.  Depending on what one’s preference is in terms of audio needs, portability and budget, there is a JBL for every traveler’s need. They work by effectively blocking out disruptive noises like constant drone of an aircraft cabin and optimize music & movie consumption.  Users can choose the level of noise cancellation that suits them best with features like Talk Thru and Smart Ambient modes and can now seamlessly stay connected to their surroundings when needed, like if it's for catching important airport announcements. The JBL Headphone App also allows customizations that add to the listening experience. 

Vikram Kher, Vice President of Lifestyle at HARMAN India said, “At JBL, we've always been driven by our passion for audio excellence. This initiative of anamorphic hoarding campaign showcases our dedication to innovation and immersive advertising. Collaborating with marketing solutions and introducing anamorphic displays allowed us to set a new benchmark in the industry. This initiative reinforces our commitment to creating innovative sound solutions for our customers. We believe that this campaign will not only elevate brand recognition but also redefine the way consumer audio is advertised.” 

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