India Emerges as Second Largest Global Market for WiFi Map

India Emerges as Second Largest Global Market for WiFi Map

WiFi Map announced that India has become its second-largest global market, only after Indonesia, witnessing a monumental surge of 12 million app downloads. This robust growth is reflective of the growing DeWi community and the swift adoption of web3-based services in the region.

WiFi Map, known for its robust community of over 160 million users worldwide, empowers users with seamless connectivity through a global network of hotspots. The user-friendly app facilitates users in locating a free internet source within minutes, regardless of their geographical location. Community members, often hotspot providers, are rewarded with $WIFI tokens as an incentive for fostering ecosystem growth, adding hotspots, verifying networks, and testing internet speeds. In India alone, the firm has amassed over 12 million downloads and over 3 million registered users, significantly contributing to its global download tally of 140M+ on Android and 20M+ on iOS.

Commenting on the latest development Denis Sklyarov, CEO of WiFi Map, said "India's demographic transition is naturally capable of driving mass adoption of consumer technology, and we are elated to facilitate this growth by providing decentralized wireless internet to millions of users across the country. The positive data trends in India have encouraged us to recruit local talent, thereby catalyzing user growth and shaping the existing community into a powerful driver for DeWi adoption."

WiFi Map's service spectrum extends beyond DeWi, including offerings such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN)eSIMsspeedtest toolcurrency converter and other tools to make travel simple and affordable. In the Web3 space, DeWi leverages blockchain technologies and utility tokens to foster income-generation within the network and its users. This strategy creates a mutually beneficial feedback loop between network improvement and user earning potential. DeWi networks, powered by WiFi, IoT, cellular data, and more, offer remarkable efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring widespread internet accessibility.

WiFi Map proudly contributes two essential elements to the DeWi networks: a repository of millions of WiFi hotspots worldwide and eSIM mobile data packages. The successful launch of its $WIFI token has set WiFi Map as a paragon of the DeWi ecosystem, backed by a large user base and an expansive service range. The $WIFI token allows community members to access premium features, redeem it for eSIM data, participate in monthly airdrops, trade on exchanges, and receive cashback on mobile data purchases.

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