Hikvision India Unveils Cutting-Edge Multilane ANPR Cameras at TrafficInfraTech

Hikvision India Unveils Cutting-Edge Multilane ANPR Cameras at TrafficInfraTech

Hikvision India has launched its Latest Multilane ANPR Cameras and ANPR Cameras with in-built Radar at TrafficInfraTech. The key highlight of the show were the latest Transportation Security Systems and Intelligent Traffic Management solutions, including multilane 3D Radar with detection range up to 150 meter. Hikvision India had participated in the 11th edition of TrafficInfraTech Expo 2023 to showcase the latest technologies, products and solutions for the India’s fast growing transportation sector.

TrafficInfraTech, one of the Asia’s largest integrated expo on Traffic, Transportation Technology, Road Technology and Smart Mobility was inaugurated by Shri Subhendu Sinha, Adviser, Infrastructure Connectivity, Transport and Electric Mobility, Niti Aayog and Shri Vinay Kumar Singh, Managing Director, NCRTC in the presence of transportation industry leaders, government representatives and delegates. The expo was organized from 10-12 October at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.  The booth at the expo showcased Hikvision’s latest Solutions for Transport Security, Traffic Safety and Urban Mobility. 

“The fast growing Transportation Sector requirements presents a great opportunity for the innovative transportation security solutions. We are offering the Smart Transportation and Intelligent Traffic Management Solutions (ITMS) for the key stakeholders of transportation sector. We have showcased innovative solutions for the various transportation segments at the Trafficinfratech Expo. The expo continues to be a very apt platform to demonstrate the latest technologies, products and solutions to the key stakeholders and decision makers in the transportation ecosystem,” said Mr. Ashish P. Dhakan, MD & CEO, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd.

At the TrafficInfraTech Expo Hikvision showcased its latest products and solutions, including Command Control, UVSS, Enforcement Solution, Smart Parking Solution, Toll Booth Surveillance, Body Worn Cameras, Dash Cameras, Intelligent Traffic System, Multilane Free Flow Tolling Solution and ADAS & DMS Solutions.

The three-day Smart Mobility Conference 2023 based on the theme ‘Enabling New Mobility’ was organised concurrently with the TrafficinfraTech Expo. It covered eclectic mix of contemporary themes on transportation, traffic management, logistics, Mobility, Smart Cities Parking Management. On the second day of the conference, Mr. Rajiv Arora, National Manager-Roadways & Waterways, Prama Hikvision India Pvt. Ltd., participated in a panel discussion on the theme “Emerging technology for Traffic Management: Surveillance, ITMS-Traffic signal Control- Enforcement’.  He also briefed about the latest Transportation Security Solutions offered by Hikvision India. His presentation got an overwhelming response from the conference delegates. 

TrafficInfraTech Expo provided a networking forum for government representatives, experts, project heads, system integrators and service providers to collectively find solutions to urban transport challenges. The event concluded on a high note with impressive representation from the India’s transport sector.

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