GreedyGame Celebrating 10th Anniversary, Empowering App and Gaming Publishers Globally

GreedyGame Celebrating 10th Anniversary, Empowering App and Gaming Publishers Globally

GreedyGame is celebrating a remarkable decade of empowering app and gaming publishers globally. What began as a vision to uplift small-time game developers has transformed into a trailblazing journey that continues to shape the adtech industry. 

GreedyGame's relentless commitment to innovation and dedication to its mission has not gone unnoticed. The company's impactful contributions have garnered recognition from esteemed institutions, with The Financial Times ranking GreedyGame 22nd among 500 companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, The Economic Times and Statista positioned GreedyGame at the 10th spot among India Growth Champions 2023 list. 

One of GreedyGame's significant accomplishments in its 10-year journey is the introduction of PubScale, a groundbreaking AI-powered platform that revolutionized monetization and user acquisition for publishers and advertisers alike. In recognition of its excellence, PubScale was honored as the Best Monetization Platform for Publishers at the e4m Real-Time Programmatic Advertising Awards in 2023. 

Arpit Jain, Founder & CEO of GreedyGame and PubScale, expressed his pride in the company's achievements, saying, "I'm incredibly proud to celebrate our 10-year anniversary, for this is a huge milestone for us at GreedyGame. A decade ago, we embarked on a journey to empower small-time publishers in their app growth endeavors. We are happy to contribute to 1000s of games in striving forward in their growth journey, and we are still committed to creating more meaningful solutions for them in the future.” 

Under Arpit Jain's visionary leadership, GreedyGame has partnered with over 1,500 publishers, helping them scale their ad revenue. The company's diverse clientele includes notable names like Amanotes, Nazara, Teslatech, Puzzle Studio, The Devops,  Kwalee, Tapps, Playcus, Sigma App Labs, Monster Studio, Crikey Games, and so on. 

As the adtech industry adapts to evolving trends such as the phasing out of cookies and shifts in budget allocation, GreedyGame remains at the forefront of innovation. The company plans to further enhance its offerings with AI-powered features, providing publishers with stronger insights for tracking metrics and scaling applications.

Looking forward, GreedyGame has set its sights on international expansion, with strategic plans to establish a strong presence in key markets such as the US, Europe, and South-East Asia. The company is committed to serving as the trusted partner for publishers and be the single platform for all the needs of a publisher. GreedyGame aims to provide a suite of tailored solutions, including cutting-edge tools, invaluable insights, and dedicated support, all designed to empower publishers in their pursuit of app growth and success. 

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