Druva Data Resiliency Cloud Delivers Over 17 Million Daily Backups

Druva Data Resiliency Cloud Delivers Over 17 Million Daily Backups

Druva Inc.  announced that the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud has surpassed an average of 17 million daily backups as the demand for its industry-leading cloud data protection platform continues to accelerate. With over 275 PB of data under management in the cloud and a rapidly expanding customer base that is on pace to successfully complete more than 6.3 billion backups annually, Druva has continued to lead the way in delivering the industry's first at-scale SaaS solution. Today, Druva helps thousands of leading organizations simplify data protection, combat continuous cyber threats, and streamline data governance.

As cybersecurity makes headlines, World Backup Day is the right time for organizations to ask: Can we recover from a cyber-attack?? Backup remains a critical technology for businesses and government organizations, but they need to modernize to provide holistic data protection and security. As a result, companies are assessing whether their current backup strategies protect all their data from ransomware, natural disaster, or accidental deletion.

“Organizations now face the decision to stay stagnant or be proactive about data protection in the face of ransomware,” said Stephen Manley, Chief Technology Officer, Druva. “In the past, bolstering your cybersecurity posture was optional. In 2023, these are table stakes. Leading organizations are prepared to recover from inevitable attacks, with solutions like Druva that ensure resilience for them. Druva helps organizations meet this moment by advancing their cyber, data, and operational resilience with the industry’s leading true cloud experience.”

Rather than being content with the status quo of their systems, Druva encourages IT teams to adopt a holistic approach that integrates data protection, security and disaster recovery to reduce the risk and cost of ransomware and other emerging threats.

Leveraging a cloud-native approach to data protection and disaster recovery, the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud delivers leading capabilities including air-gapped ransomware protection, automated backup and recovery, and centralized data cloning for compliance and intelligence that help organizations secure critical data, streamline governance, and recover.

without business disruption. Recognizing Druva’s robust capabilities and expansive workload coverage, more than one-third of all Druva customers now protect multiple workloads with the Druva Data Resiliency Cloud, while daily backup activity has surged by more than 50 percent over the last twelve months, ending in March 2023. 

How Companies Strengthen Data Resiliency with Druva:

Albireo Energy

Albireo Energy is a worldwide provider of building technology solutions. In 2022, they sought to deploy cloud data protection for hybrid infrastructure across 25 global locations. The Albireo Energy team recognized the importance and capabilities of Druva’s 100% SaaS-based approach to minimize sprawl and complexity. Not long after it deployed Druva, Albireo Energy was hit by a Conti ransomware attack. Their first step was to shut down the local cloud environment and restore it from a certain date and time. The team then began to restore the on-premises Druva environment.

“Because we collaborated with Druva, we were able to recover quickly and confidently. The attack happened on a Thursday evening, and we had about 80% of our hybrid workload servers up and running within three days (1 business day) of being hit. All our on-premise servers were back up and running by Monday,” said Dennis Dahlin, Corporate Infrastructure Manager, Albireo Energy. “Overall, our processes are now about 95% more efficient than with our previous data protection vendor. Depending on whether or not we’ve got an on-premises NAS server, with Druva all we need to do is deploy a proxy server in any of our virtual environments and it’s off and running backups. We can scale up or down with a couple clicks of a mouse.

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