Deloitte Migrates Bolt-on 2.0 to AWS for Enhanced GST Reporting and Compliance in India

Deloitte Migrates Bolt-on 2.0 to AWS for Enhanced GST Reporting and Compliance in India

Deloitte announces the successful migration of Bolt-on 2.0, its enterprise resource planning (ERP)-agnostic Goods and Services Tax (GST) reporting and compliance tool, from an on-premises data centre to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Bolt-on 2.0 is a cutting-edge cloud-based platform that automates GST reporting and compliance, streamlines workflows, and enhances reliability while optimising costs. Powered by Deloitte's extensive industry expertise and operational excellence along with AWS's comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud, Bolt-on 2.0 provides a robust solution to address complex GST challenges and meet reporting requirements with ease.

Digitalising tax processes through e-invoicing and real-time transaction data submission is an important element in the Digital India initiative. Bolt-on 2.0 on AWS helps businesses address this challenge as it provides an integrated solution that automates processes, enhances supply chains, and improves decision-making, thereby leading to increased productivity, reduced costs, optimised working capital, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

“The constantly changing tax landscape requires organizations to have agile and adaptable digital infrastructure in order to meet business needs and maintain compliance,” said Gokul Chaudhri, President, Tax, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP. “We embarked on a strategic engagement with AWS to build Bolt-on 2.0 to empower organisations to automate, optimize and modernize their tax function and achieve greater agility, security, and innovation. Deloitte aims to lead the way in the technology-enabled future of taxation by assisting businesses in accelerating their growth with solutions such as Bolt-on 2.0.”

Deloitte developed Bolt-on 2.0 into a scalable, reliable, and secure tax platform, utilizing various AWS services like Amazon Relational Database Service, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Lambda, and Application Load Balancer, which help deliver better price-performance, agility, and reliability to both Deloitte and its customers. Bolt-on 2.0 leverages cloud-based security services like AWS Security Hub and Amazon GuardDuty for improved visibility and auditing. These tools automate security checks, enable continuous monitoring, and facilitate early threat detection, reducing security risks. Customer data on Bolt-on 2.0 is protected through encryption at rest using AWS Key Management Service, and data security in transit is ensured with AWS Certificate Manager and AWS Identity and Access Management. Deloitte is focused on delivering a differentiated and simplified experience to customers, leveraging advanced technologies like Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) including Generative AI, and Machine Learning (ML) from AWS in this journey ahead.

The collaboration between Deloitte and AWS to host our GST reporting platform Bolt-on 2.0 offers businesses a robust solution to address the challenges of a real-time reporting and compliance requirement,” said Mahesh Jaising, Partner, Service Line Leader – Indirect Tax, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu India LLP. “As an ERP-agnostic cloud-based solution, Bolt-on 2.0 goes beyond GST compliances, and incorporates robotic process automation and artificial intelligence technologies to offer businesses a wide range of modules that are useful for tax and non-tax executives.”

Vinay Prabhakar, National Sales and Alliance Leader, Deloitte India, also commented “This Coalesce is in line to our strategy of Art of the possible i.e., solving complex problems of the future together with the power of connections. Our approach is built on distinct and multidisciplinary teams working towards a common goal, as we can succeed only when we come together.”

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