Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Leverages Intel Gaudi3 for Advanced AI Acceleration

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 Leverages Intel Gaudi3 for Advanced AI Acceleration

The Dell PowerEdge XE9680 server has evolved to become a key player in the acceleration of AI and generative AI, machine learning, deep learning training and HPC modeling. The introduction of Intel® Gaudi® 3 AI Accelerator into this server lineup marks a significant advancement, offering an enhanced suite of technical capabilities designed to meet the needs of complex, data-intensive workloads. This evolution caters to a more diversified range of workloads, providing developers and enterprise professionals with options for pushing the limits of GenAI acceleration.

Harnessing Silicon Diversity for Customized Solutions

The Dell PowerEdge XE9680 distinguishes itself by being Dell's pioneering platform integrating eight-way GPU acceleration with x86 server architecture, renowned for delivering unparalleled performance in AI-centric operations. The incorporation of the Intel Gaudi3 accelerator into this ecosystem further amplifies its capabilities, offering clients a choice to tailor their systems to specific computational needs, particularly associated with GenAI workloads. This strategic addition underscores a commitment to delivering no-compromise AI acceleration solutions that are both versatile and powerful.

Technical Specifications Driving Customer Success

With an architecture designed to thrive in up to 35°C environments, the XE9680 promotes reliability and scalability. The addition of Intel Gaudi3 accelerators enriches the server's configuration possibilities. This includes up to 32 DDR5 memory DIMM slots for enhanced data throughput, 16 EDSFF3 storage drives for superior data storage solutions and eight PCIe Gen 5.0 slots for expanded connectivity and bandwidth. Coupled with dual 4th Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors boasting up to 56 cores, the XE9680 is engineered to excel in executing demanding AI and ML workloads, providing a competitive edge in data processing and analysis.

Strategic Advancements for AI Insights

The PowerEdge XE9680, with the integration of additional accelerators, rises above conventional hardware capabilities, serving as a critical asset for businesses aiming to leverage AI for deep data insights. This combination of advanced processing power and efficient, air-cooled design sets a new benchmark in AI acceleration, delivering rapid, actionable insights to drive business outcomes.

Technological Openness Fostering Innovation

The Intel Gaudi3 AI accelerator brings to the table performance features vital for generative AI workloads, including 64 custom and programmable tensor processor cores (TPCs) and 128 GB of HBMe2 memory capacity, offering 3.7 TB of memory bandwidth, and 96 MB of on board static random-access memory (SRAM).  The Gaudi3's open ecosystem is optimized through partnerships and supported by a robust framework of model libraries. Its development tools simplify the transition for existing codebases, reducing migration to a mere handful of code lines.

Unique Networking and Video Decoding Capabilities

The PowerEdge XE9680, augmented with the Gaudi3 accelerator, introduces novel networking capabilities directly integrated into the accelerators via six OSFP 800GbE ports. These links allow for direct connections to an external accelerator fabric without the need for external NICs to be placed in system. This not only simplifies the infrastructure but also aims to lower the total cost of ownership and complexity of an infrastructure. Furthermore, the Intel Gaudi3 specialized media decoders are designed for AI vision applications. These are capable of handling extensive pre-processing tasks, thus streamlining video-to-text conversions and enhancing performance for enterprise AI applications.

Dell PowerEdge XE9680 with the Gaudi3: A Visionary Step Forward in AI Development

The collaboration between Dell and Intel, crystallized in the Dell PowerEdge XE9680 with the Intel Gaudi3 AI accelerator, is a watershed moment in AI computing. It offers a forward-looking solution that meets the current demands of AI workloads and anticipates the future needs of the industry. This partnership promises to empower technology leaders with advanced tools for innovation, pushing the boundaries of AI development and setting new standards for computational excellence and efficiency. 

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