Dell Expands Edge Partner Ecosystem with Hyundai AutoEver, Intel Collaboration

Dell Expands Edge Partner Ecosystem with Hyundai AutoEver, Intel Collaboration

Imagine you’re a plant manager of a factory. Think of all the points in the factory that generate data. Machinery status and part production, cameras on the assembly line monitoring processes and safety, packaging and logistics, overall factory performance and ensuring the security of both IT and OT equipment in the building. Manufacturers can analyze this vast amount of data created at the edge in real-time to make critical decisions and drive better business outcomes.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to transform how quickly and accurately edge data can be collected, analyzed and acted upon. IDC expects AI will drive major growth in edge computing spend over the coming years, with worldwide edge computing spend expected to reach $232 billion in 2024, an increase of 15.4% over 2023.

Dell Technologies is expanding its edge partner ecosystem with Hyundai AutoEver and Intel to help manufacturers derive more value from their edge data with AI. These collaborations highlight a pivotal role played by the Dell edge ecosystem in providing customers the latest technologies to harness the power of their edge data.

Dell and Hyundai AutoEver Edge AI Technologies Enhance Factory Processes

To ease manufacturers’ transition to an AI-enhanced factory, Dell is introducing updates to the Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with the integration of Hyundai AutoEver.

Hyundai AutoEver, a subsidiary of Hyundai, offers smart factory solutions that integrate with existing IT and OT infrastructure to provide simplified operations and digital continuity for manufacturers. By integrating the Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge with Hyundai AutoEver’s NeoFactory IoT software, manufacturers can facilitate AI-driven optimizations and outcomes for their factory processes. How does this impact plant managers? They can quickly monitor equipment performance, detect anomalies and use predictive maintenance to reduce downtime, increase productivity and eliminate costly process waste.

The Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge is now supported by NativeEdge, Dell’s edge operations software platform. Manufacturers can simplify infrastructure deployments, manage multiple applications on the factory floor and scale infrastructure and applications quickly, while maintaining factory security.

“In collaboration with Dell Technologies, Hyundai AutoEver’s NeoFactory IoT elevates modern manufacturing by using real-time data and AI at the edge to inform decisions and drive business growth. Our integration with Dell NativeEdge ensures scalable, secure solutions that set a new benchmark for manufacturing excellence and digital transformation. Together, we will deliver key outcomes tailored to meet diverse customer needs, redefining the future of industrial connectivity,” said the Hyundai AutoEver Smart Factory team. 

More AI-Driven Capabilities and Choice with Expanded Partner Ecosystem

The Dell Validated Design for Manufacturing Edge supports a diverse ecosystem of partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) to offer manufacturers a broad choice and flexibility in how they manage the data on their factory floors. From expanded digital twin capabilities with XMPro, advanced quality control with AI-enabled smart cameras from Cognex and enhanced on-prem threat detection from Claroty, Dell’s ecosystem of partners continues to innovate and deliver the technologies manufacturers need to support their environments.

Dell Introduces NativeEdge Blueprints for Intel Edge AI Services

Dell is introducing enhancements to Dell NativeEdge Blueprints using Intel’s OpenVINO Developer Toolbox. The integration provides businesses with more flexibility and choice for the deployment and management of AI and machine learning applications at the edge. Simplified orchestration and management of edge computing resources provide seamless and secure application deployment on Intel-based hardware. Optimized AI inferencing offers real-time insights and improved operational efficiency for businesses.

“By integrating OpenVino toolkit into NativeEdge Blueprints, we are empowering businesses to unlock the full potential of AI at the edge, optimizing operations and paving the way for new, intelligent applications. This is a game-changer for industries worldwide, accelerating the path towards a smarter, more connected future.” – Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP & GM NEX Compute and Edge AI Software, Intel

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