Dell Empowering its Channel Through Partner First Strategy for Storage Business

Dell Empowering its Channel Through Partner First Strategy for Storage Business

In a strategic move to empower its traditional channel partners, Dell Technologies announced its innovative Partner First Strategy for the Storage business segment this month. Aimed at creating a positive business ecosystem, the Partner First Strategy reiterates Dell's commitment to the growth of its partners’ businesses.

While making this big announcement for more channel business opportunity, Michael Dell, chairman and chief executive officer, Dell Technologies, said, “Dell’s investment in partnership runs deep. We have decades of experience working with our partner community to accelerate transformation for our customers. The Partner First Strategy for Storage extends our partner commitment and unites the strengths of our partners with the advantages of our world-class team and solutions.”

India is one of the key markets for Dell due to immense business opportunities as companies have just started their digital transformation journey. To focus on this new initiative in India, Dell's eminent leadership team travelled to India and organized a comprehensive roundtable discussion with key stakeholders including key channel partners and media. They held media roundtable at Dell Technologies Office in Gurugram with leaders Diego Majdalani, President, Global Channel, Dell Technologies, Tian Beng Ng, Senior Vice President & General Manager - Channels, Asia Pacific Japan, Dell Technologies and Anil Sethi, VP & GM of Channels India. The discussion was more towards growth of channel ecosystem across APJ region, including Indian market.

Against the backdrop of India's flourishing technology landscape, the leadership team shared the Partner First Strategy with media, setting the stage for a new era of collaboration and growth.

While speaking to DT, Diego Majdalani, President, Global Channel, Dell Technologies, said, “We are in a very challenging moment in the market but there is a massive opportunity ahead of us. There are number of changes in elements in the industry, Multicloud by design, Edge, Security, Change in the workforce, and AI. India is a huge market, it is growing, it is technology savvy, India has brightest and most educated workforce in the world. So, we are super excited and the future is ahead.”

“We are very excited to announce this Partner First Strategy. This is a really exciting announcement and a significant change to our market. The Dell sellers now will be compensated with more when they work through a channel partner. This is first in the industry when a vendor announced to pay more to channel partners,” said Tian Beng Ng, Senior Vice President & General Manager - Channels, Asia Pacific Japan, Dell Technologies, while talking to DT.

Speaking to DT about this new announcement, Anil Sethi, Vice President & General Manager, Channels India, Dell Technologies said, “This is one of the biggest announcement from Dell’s and it shows our commitment to our partners. We continue to ensure how our partners make more profit as their profitability is key thing for us. We had a great meeting with the channel partners and they are very excited about this new announcement.”

Dell Partner First Strategy designates more than 99 percent of Dell’s customers and potential customers as partner-led for storage sales. This new go-to-market strategy combines partner expertise and reach with Dell’s world-class team and storage portfolio, including data protection, to deliver transformational outcomes for customers. With an emphasis on mutual benefit, the new initiative promises to drive more growth opportunities and enhanced support to propel channel partners’ growth.

The partner-first strategy adopted by Dell for its storage business in India indicates a significant shift in their approach towards collaborating with channel partners. This approach aims to provide substantial opportunities for channel partners operating in the storage sector.

By prioritizing partnerships, Dell intends to achieve several key objectives:

  • Business Expansion: The partner-first strategy allows Dell to tap into the networks and expertise of channel partners to reach a broader customer base. Leveraging the partner ecosystem enables Dell to extend its reach and connect with potential clients that may have been previously out of their direct scope.

  • Long-Term Relationship Building: By actively involving channel partners in their business strategy, Dell seeks to establish strong, long-term relationships with these partners. This can lead to deeper collaboration and mutual growth over time.

  • Business Protection: Engaging channel partners can contribute to a more stable revenue stream. Partners can provide consistent business opportunities, offering a level of protection against market fluctuations.

  • Optimizing Market Share: Dell's optimistic outlook on growth opportunities in sectors such as PSU (Public Sector Undertakings), BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance), Mid-market, and Media & Entertainment demonstrates a focused approach to sectors where they have historically performed well. The channel-first approach intends to further capitalize on these sectors and gain a larger market share.

  • Leadership Consolidation: With a channel-first strategy, Dell aims to reinforce its leadership position in the Indian market. By collaborating closely with partners who have expertise and established relationships in these sectors, Dell can consolidate its market position and potentially outperform competitors.

  • Tailored Solutions: Partners often have deep insights into the needs of their specific client base. By working closely with partners, Dell can develop and offer more customized solutions that align with the unique requirements of different industries.

Dell's adoption of a partner-first strategy in its storage business marks a significant advancement, aiming to provide substantial opportunities for storage-focused channel partners across India. This initiative is poised not only to expand business prospects but also to establish enduring safeguards for these partnerships. Dell's outlook is notably bullish regarding expansive growth prospects in sectors such as PSU, BFSI, Mid-market, and Media & Entertainment. With a strong dominance in these sectors, Dell Technologies is strategically embracing this partner-centric approach to not only uphold but also bolster its leadership stance in the Indian market.  

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