D-Link Reveals Next-Gen Networking Solutions at MWC 2024

D-Link Reveals Next-Gen Networking Solutions at MWC 2024

D-Link Corporation unveiled its latest innovations at the 2024 Mobile World Congress (MWC), scheduled from February 26 to 29 in Barcelona, Spain. Led by Chairman Victor Kuo, D-Link revealed this year’s theme, "From Core to Edge: Manageable Wireless Infrastructure," through a series of innovative solutions to emphasize end-to-end network connectivity, scalability, manageability, reliability, and security. These solutions can be tailored to different usage scenarios, scale of deployment, and user requirements to build a comprehensive core to edge infrastructure.

"As a global leader in networking solutions, D-Link not only sells networking equipment but also distinguishes itself by providing holistic network architecture solutions and cloud management services, creating clear market differentiators and enhancing brand value,” explained Victor. “Furthermore, by leveraging the supply chain system established by affiliated companies within the Taiwan Steel Group, D-Link ensures a complete product line and quality control, offering the market and consumers an unbeatable networking experience.”

MWC, the most authoritative exhibition in the global communications field, centered this year's event around the theme "Future First," focusing on 5G and B5G, connecting everything, humanizing AI, industry 4.0, innovative technologies, and digital DNA. In homage to this theme, D-Link presented five key solutions to shape future networking trends:

  • A three-tier Backhaul Network Solutions composed of core, aggregation, and edge switches, to address key future challenges in network architecture.

  • End-to-End Fiber Solutions from head-end to user-end, providing excellent connectivity and quality throughout.

  • High-speed, high-quality Enterprise Access Points for a more stable, efficient, and secure wireless networking environment.

  • One-stop End-to-End Private 5G Network vertical integration solutions to revolutionize network communication efficiency.

  • With Edge Gateways for Ubiquitous Access, the realization of the Internet of Everything becomes possible.

“The combination of networking equipment with cloud management services, coupled with comprehensive network architecture solutions, can bring transformative changes to society. Whether in healthcare, transportation, financial services, home security, or even arts and culture, the applications and business opportunities in the networking industry are boundless,” said Victor. “D-Link will continue to uphold the brand commitment of ‘Made in Taiwan, stylish aesthetics, smart living, outstanding performance, and environmental friendliness,’ to realize the vision of smart living for humanity.”

For more information about D-Link's exhibition at MWC 2024, please refer below:

Core to Edge Switches- Comprehensive Core-to-Edge Coverage for Future Key Network Architectures

To meet the future demands of diverse business models, high-speed data transmission, and bandwidth requirements, D-Link's comprehensive Backhaul Network Solution integrates high-speed core, aggregation, and diverse edge switch models to provide secure, reliable, and low-latency data transmission in various application scenarios for enterprise infrastructure network deployment.

The three-tier hierarchical network model encompasses core, aggregation, and edge switches. PoE switches utilize existing network cables to conveniently provide power and transmit data to wireless access points, monitoring devices, and PoE powdered devices (PD) to reduce installation time and deployment costs. Through a three-tier network architecture, it can meet the backbone network architecture needs of small offices, small and medium-sized enterprises, and large enterprises. Coupled with various terminal network application methods, it provides stable network transmission, serving as a precise hub in the network ecosystem to ensure overall network efficiency and stability. 

End-to-End Fiber Solution- End-to-End Fiber Network Solution from Head-End to User-End to Provide High-Speed Last-Mile Connectivity

In response to the rapidly evolving networking landscape with the need for high-speed data transmission, D-Link introduces the End-to-End Fiber Solution, an innovative fiber optic solution that seamlessly integrates from the head-end to the user-end. This solution, featuring outstanding performance and rich functionality, caters to the requirements of fiber optic network deployment. It encompasses both Active Fiber Ethernet and Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies, delivering high-speed, high-efficiency, and high-quality network communication. It aims to offer users a more intelligent, convenient, and stable fiber optic network communication experience, showcasing D-Link's leading position in the industry.

Enterprise Access Points- Comprehensive Enterprise Access Points to Lead the Enterprise Data Revolution

To meet the ever-changing landscape of enterprise environments and the growing demand for device connectivity, D-Link is committed to providing high-speed and high-quality Enterprise Access Points (EAP). These EAPs are designed to offer enterprises a more stable, efficient, and secure wireless network communication environment. Unveiled at MWC 2024, the range of new enterprise-grade access points is specifically tailored for large-scale wireless network deployments within enterprises. They are intended for establishing Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) to meet the wireless connectivity needs of multiple users while ensuring seamless communication between wireless devices and wired networks.

End-to-End Private 5G Network- One-Stop Private 5G Network Vertical Integration Revolutionizes Transmission Efficiency

In recent years, the maturation of advanced 5G technology and the flourishing development of private 5G networks have provided the market with efficient and stable network communication infrastructure, which can deliver faster speeds, lower latency, and higher stability in various environments such as factories, enterprises, campuses, and more. Additionally, they meet the demands for large-scale data transmission and applications in specific scenarios. When integrated with various devices and Internet of Things (IoT) applications, private 5G networks is now a major catalyst for the intelligent upgrade of Industry 4.0.

Edge Gateway for Ubiquitous Access- Terminal Gateway for Ubiquitous Network Access to Maximize IoT Connectivity

D-Link introduces a diverse range of terminal gateway solutions, providing users with omnipresent, efficient, and intelligent network connectivity. This innovative series includes various 4G/5G network devices for consumer homes, telecommunications operators, and industrial use, meeting different needs and ensuring a ubiquitous networking experience with unparalleled smoothness and stability.

D-Link's ubiquitous terminal gateways include FTTX solutions, offering high-speed internet capabilities for future trends; FWA solutions, achieving ultra-fast, low-latency wireless connectivity experiences for homes and businesses without the need for expensive and time-consuming cable or fiber installations, providing high-speed broadband services over long distances; M2M solutions, paired with cellular gateways, widely applicable in commercial, industrial, and vehicular devices.

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