BenQ Group Drives Sustainability at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024

BenQ Group Drives Sustainability at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024

BenQ Group became the first and only company participant to receive ISO 20121:2012, Event sustainability management systems-Requirements with guidance for use certification at COMPUTEX in 2023. 

It was officially announced that at COMPUTEX 2024, the Group will once again take on the challenge of ISO 20121, committed to achieving the vision of carbon inventory and zero-waste upholstery. This will result in the creation of an ESG green expo design that is low-carbon and zero-waste. 

At the same time, by leveraging the collective strength of the Groups twenty-plus companies, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been integrated into their corresponding exhibition areas, resulting in a high digitalized venue with a 90% paperless rate and 50% sustainable business solutions, presenting the 2.0 Green Expo through collaborative efforts. 

The ISO 20121 was first implemented at the London Olympics in 2012, providing a sustainable framework for event management and motivation with sustainability as the primary consideration. BenQ Group once again takes on the ISO 20121 challenge, establishing ESG goals in three areas: environment, social, and governance. This ensures that the large-scale exhibition will not have a negative impact on the environment while also boosting business and providing a green miracle for its patrons. 

The Green Travel Guide and 1.5ยฐC- ALIGNED Menu further implement carbon reduction at the exhibition

Environmentally, the exhibition venue is designed with simple, sustainable green building materials, and no waste related to upholstery is produced after the show. In the meantime, 90% of the publicity is generated digitally, 100% tableware is reusable, and extra steps are taken to reduce the events negative environmental impact. Concerning social responsibility, the company collaborates with affiliated businesses to advance green transformation initiatives, raise public awareness of environmental issues, support education digitization, and promote eco-friendly products. In terms of governance, the Group has established green procurement and economic value creation targets, resulting in direct economic benefits. 

In addition, the Group has published the 2024 COMPUTEX Taipei Green Travel Guide specifically to offer eco-friendly travel and transportation choices. Customers are invited to participate in the grand event, which incorporates the concept of green sustainability into every facet of the exhibition. To conserve carbon budget during the exhibition period, our staff are provided with delicious, nutritious, and ecologically friendly vegetarian set meals- which named 1.5ยฐC- ALIGNED Menu in COP28. 

Five COMPUTEX Exhibition Focuses, Depicting the Vision of Smart Living and Sustainability 

BenQ Group has also meticulously planned five exhibition focuses, including: 

AI Restaurant: Combining local cuisine brands, it showcases intelligent features such as frontend Kiosk meal ordering, bar, rail food delivery, backend KDS order taking and food pass-through window, etc. 

BenQ Group Drives Sustainability at COMPUTEX Taipei 2024
BenQ Introduces SW242Q Monitor for Professional Photographers and Videographers

Immersive Gaming Experience (smart entertainment living): Gaming projectors, large entertainment LCDs, MOBIUZ screens + Mobile Dock, and other devices can be utilized to create an immersive gaming environment that simulates the user's personal presence, thereby illustrating the smart living style of seamlessly switching between work and entertainment. 

Teach Your Way: It showcases smart classroom solutions by incorporating BenQs interactive 1/2

displays and ideaCam. Through AI technology-assisted teaching, a learning environment that is interactive, efficient, and sustainable can be created. 

AI NOW Seminars: BenQ Groups companies conducted more than 20 AI application seminars, sharing creative applications and real-world examples across all fields to foster cross-industry knowledge. 

ESG Sustainable Design: Every exhibition area incorporates the sustainable development goals (SDGs) and actively practices energy efficiency and environmental sustainability with green materials and energy-saving devices. This provides businesses with benchmark indicators for ESG implementation. 

The BenQ Group cordially invites you to visit 2024 COMPUTEX TAIPEI to see firsthand how innovation is fusing sustainability with technology. Please visit 4F L0118, Exhibition Hall 1, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, and offer insightful suggestions. 

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