Startup Odisha Successfully Hosted STARTUP UTSAVV 2024

Startup Odisha Successfully Hosted STARTUP UTSAVV 2024

Startup Odisha organized STARTUP UTSAVV 2024. The event, dedicated to celebrating the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, witnessed a convergence of industry leaders, government officials, startups, incubators, academic institutions, mentors and other stakeholders of the ecosystem.

The event was graced by eminent dignitaries including Shri Pratap Keshari Deb, Hon'ble Minister, Dept. of Industry, Energy, and MSME; Shri Subroto Bagchi, Chief Advisor Govt. Odisha (Institutional Capacity Building); Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman, Startup Odisha and other prominent names from the world of startup and entrepreneurship. Besides, the top 10 student innovators from Startup Yatra & Xpress each, Women entrepreneurs, Winners of Millet Innovation challenge, Top 20 startups of Fundstack 3.0, etc who were also present. These leaders shared valuable insights into the state's commitment to promoting innovation and entrepreneurship.

One of the highlights of STARTUP UTSAVV 2024 was felicitation ceremony which acknowledged the outstanding contributions across various categories. Recognizing excellence in incubation, the ceremony applauded the outstanding contributions of entities such as KIIT Technology Business Incubator (Successful Incubator of the Year), AIC- Nalanda Institute of Technology (Supportive Incubator of the Year), and DBT ILS Bioincubator (Emerging Incubator of the Year). It also celebrated the entrepreneurial prowess with accolades like Newrup Tech Solutions Private Limited (Student-led Startup of the Year), Aurassure Private Limited (Women-led Startup of the Year) and BookingJini (Emerging Startup of the Year).

Noteworthy mentions went to startups that made a mark on the international stage in 2023-24, including Larkai Healthcare, IG Drones, TransportSimple, BonV Technology Private Limited and Lex Protector. Further commendation was extended to Larkai Healthcare, BonV Aero, Curebay Technologies, Aurassure Private Limited, EzeRX Health Tech, Beamer Food & Beverage, Trustless Pvt Ltd, Inofinity Research and Development, Bookingjini, Phoenix Robotix for their commendable feat of raising external funds in 2023-24. Further, the ceremony honored the winners of the Odisha Millet Innovation Challenge.

The event saw forging of strategic alliances with industry giants such as National Research Development Corporation (NRDC), Indian Steps & Business Incubators Associations (ISBA), The Insititute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), National Innovation Foundation (NIF) through significant Memorandum of Understanding (MOUs).  Additionally, Startup Odisha and SIDBI have exchanged an agreement for SIDBI Seed Fund Programme.

Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, said, โ€œTo nurture a strong pipeline of entrepreneurs for the future, Startup Odisha conducts the Odisha Startup Yatra and Odisha Startup Xpress for college and school students respectively. We have reached more than 36,000 students, receiving a record-breaking 4,400 innovative ideas. The top 100 student ideas have been selected and felicitated today, and I extend my heartiest congratulations to these future entrepreneurs. As we envision a sustainable future, let it be a future of collaboration, inclusion, and shared prosperity. I wish this Startup Utsavv proves to be a catalyst for new ideas, partnerships, and innovations that will propel Odisha to new heights.โ€

Hon'ble Minister MSME, Shri Pratap Keshari Deb, said, " Amidst Odisha's natural abundance, I encourage our dynamic youth to transcend the conventional notions of job-seeking and embrace the empowering role of job creation. Recognizing the pivotal moment, we stand in, the government is steadfast in extending robust support for youth entrepreneurship. By nurturing their entrepreneurial acumen, the youth of Odisha can weave dreams into reality, illuminating a path towards a brilliant and promising future for both themselves and our state."

Dr. Omkar Rai, Executive Chairman, Startup Odisha, said, โ€œ๏ปฟStartup Utsavv 2024 marks the celebration of the diverse achievements within Odisha's startup landscape and duly recognises the successes crafted by startups, entrepreneurs, investors, incubators and other stakeholders of Startup ecosystem. The success so far in the Odisha's startup ecosystem would form a bedrock and a strong plinth for the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Odisha to make future strides that would place it at par with the best and most progressive startup ecosystems across the globe.

With over 1800 recognized startups, including more than 700 women-led ventures, and an impressive Rs 500 Crores in external funding, the event echoed the thriving spirit of innovation in our state. The triumphant resonance of initiatives like Startup Yatra & Xpress, bolstered by the support of the Odisha Startup Growth Fund (OSGF), underscores our collective commitment to propelling Odisha as a hub for innovation and entrepreneurship. Reflecting on the celebration of achievements by startups, incubators, and stakeholders, the electrifying spirit of the event was palpable. From commemorating the Startup Mela last year to rejoicing in the 2023 accomplishments, the journey has been remarkable. Awards were bestowed, marking a gratifying moment as the innovative ideas of young minds took center stage."

The Ask Me Anything with Shri Subroto Bagchi was quite a successful and engaging session with the participants. He emphasized the need for solutions addressing real problems and urged a shift from the traditional job-centric mindset. Additionally, he highlighted the importance of women entrepreneurs as role models, urging them to come forward and inspire others. Furthermore, he shared invaluable insights on scaling businesses and navigating challenges with unwavering confidence, providing a roadmap for entrepreneurial success.

The event marked the launch of Startup Yatra Booklets, providing valuable resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. The event seamlessly followed fostering connections among participants. It featured enlightening sessions, including a Masterclass on Design Thinking by Shri Ghanshyam S, Founder of Edler Hub, and insights from Shri Harkesh Mittal, Chairman of SISFS, on the Role of Academic Institutions & Incubators. Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahu, Senior Regional Manager at NRDC, shared expertise on Innovation, Technology, and Intellectual Property Institutional Support for Entrepreneurship. The day concluded on an inspiring note with Success Stories shared by notable startups from Odisha including Shri Partha Pratim Das Mohapatra founder of EzeRx, Shri Abhinash Sahoo Co-founder of BonV Aero, Shri Bodhisattwa Sanghapriya founder of IG Drones, Shri Priyadarshi Mohapatra founder of Curebay and Shri Sibashish Mishra founder of BookingJini.

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