Midautumn Rains Transforming Gen-Z Fashion with Blend of Nature

Midautumn Rains Transforming Gen-Z Fashion with Blend of Nature

Technology plays a very important role for the growth of all industry. Digital stores are paving the way for all new and emerging brands in India, especially in D2C market. The fashion industry has also grown at great pace in las few years due to adoption technology in their sales model. Midautumn Rains is one of the recent startups which is banking on digital presence to establish themselves as a travel inspired lifestyle brand.

Starting a brand is not a small task as it needs strong commitment and planning. Midautumn Rains is a new age lifestyle brand which targets young generation. The beginning of this venture is indeed an exciting story. Talking about how the brand was born, Payal Seth Vinit, Founder and Director, Midautumn Rains says, “Few things break us out of our routines and awaken us to the living substance of joy more powerfully. After 15 years of demonstrating my expertise in advertising and marketing and working with the top brands of this country, I embarked on a journey to imbue my travel journals that are populated with pictures of sights and scenes that spoke to me with an exquisite emotionality. I wanted to imbue them with a story that speaks to the highest aspirations and wanderlust. Thus, was born Midautumn Rains. Autumn is my favourite season to travel. It is no surprise that the splendour of this season is the inspiration behind my brands name.”

“I share personal connection with all my products. The curiousity and wonder with which I view the world is captured with certain poetic sensibility in the curated collection of stunning accessories and apparels at Midautumn Rains. All our products aim to bring fashion and function together. When you buy from us, you buy into an aspirational lifestyle brand and thus our vision is to create an aspirational travel inspired lifestyle brand that marries fashion with functionality,” Payal added.

USP of Midautumn Rains

In the today’s competitive world, there is nothing which seems easy. The market is too crowded and the brands who exist in this space have their own legacy and an established customer base. Putting across the views on how they stand out of the crowd, Payal commented, “At Midautumn Rains, we strive every day to bring to you the glory of an incredibly talented India – from different corners of the country.”

Payal continued, “Travelling stimulates senses and uplifts one's life. It turns you into a storyteller and these stories get translated into our highest quality lifestyle apparels and accessories. With our timeless pieces adorned with unique self-created designs that manage to thread the needle between vintage and modern, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics in the name of utility. We bring the style choices that are designed using unique travel prints inspired from the colours of nature's palette. What makes us truly unique is the fusion of fashion and functionality.”

“Midautumn Rains makes product that capture the enigmatic feeling. Visit https://midautumnrains.com to see our travel inspired collection. There are some traditions that are universal like the art of block printing and our work is grounded in an appreciation of the ineffable beauty and humanity of this sustainable art. Our laptop bags are designed to beat the back to work blues! Keep your work and office essentials at the forefront of avant garde fashion and turn this rather plain and functional object into a bona fide stylish accessory. Midautumn Rains will allow you to escape the ordinary and be your best self,” stated Payal.

Inspiration Behind Unique Designs of The Products

In the fast changing fashion domain, it is very challenging to stay unique and offer quality. The designs of the products being offered by Midautumn Rains are quite diverse that attract youth. Speaking on the inspirations behind bringing uniquely designed products, Payal said, “Our collection embodies the emotion of various places like Rajasthan and Goa to name a few and provides perfect travel pack with effortless kaftans, chic totes and utility accessories.”

Payal further added, “In complete awe of the delicate and vibrant prints imprinted on the fabrics using hand block-printing process of Sanganer, Midautumn Rains has introduced Sarongs, Kaftans and Dupattas. Handcrafted with fine precision and tailored in soft cotton, these pieces will elevate your wardrobe and uplift your bohemian spirits. Combining traditional fabrics and craftsmanship with modern aesthetics and cuts, our Kaftans will make you feel at home wherever you travel. Eco-minded shoppers will be happy to know our kaftans are also made of natural cotton. Owing to its timeless versatility, kaftans can be well-paired with almost any mood, occasion and climate. Be it a beach party, a luncheon with your girlfriends, a romantic dinner, an online work meet, or a resort holiday, the Kaftan can be your go to outfit.”

“A soulful experience of journaling while cultivating the practice of daily gratitude, Miduatumn Rains has introduced diaries which is perfect for anyone who is interested in creative writing, penning down your daily notes or thoughts or simply creating a sacred space in their day for musings of the mind. The diary is made with love and care, every diary is given the individual effort and it is made sure that though it is handmade still customers get the most.”

“Inspired by the palm fringed beaches, miles of golden sands, lush green country-side, an incredible mosaic of cultural heritage of Goa, our collection of laptop bags and sleeves will transport you to this emerald land. The textures of monuments and stones that were laid thousands of years ago are captured in the visuals of the photographs and translated into prints in our clutches and Tote bags. The name of all our products are very peculiar based on the enigmatic feeling you get,” added by Payal.

With The Changing Trends

The fashion industry is changing swiftly where millennials are playing a key role in it. Miduatumn Rains being a new age brand is focusing on bringing a shift in the fashion with its unique and wide collection. When asked about the change in market demand, Payal commented, “Millennials are changing the world, and the world is changing for millennials. Every industry has to adapt to the unique qualities and tastes of this new generation. Millennials are influencing and shaping the way the fashion world works. They are good at accepting change and are willing to pay more for brands that focus on sustainability. They are more likely to go for the brand who have an ethical approach and carry a rich heritage. Hence, as a start-up company our focus has always been to go with the changing trends and keep adopting them and yet be unique in what we offer to them.”

Overall Journey and Growth Expectations for 2023

“What is truly inspiring is my journey as an entrepreneur who has devoted her life to transfigure the mundane into magical material for visual designs and aesthetics. It is truly a pleasure to witness the beauty of the world through my lens. “Our 2023 focus is to establish Midautumn Rains as an aspirational travel inspired lifestyle brand. Our aim is to keep refreshing our designs and upkeep with the new fashion trends keeping sustainable and ethically made products. We are also working towards expanding our product portfolio and will soon launch them in the market,” Payal concluded.

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