Bud-e Collaborates with Odysse to Deploy 10,000 High-Quality Electric Vehicles Nationwide ·

Bud-e Collaborates with Odysse to Deploy 10,000 High-Quality Electric Vehicles Nationwide ·

Bud-e has announced a momentous partnership with renowned OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), Odysse and prominent last-mile delivery service provider, Whizzy. Aimed at transforming last-mile delivery and promoting sustainable transportation in India, the strategic alliance brings together industry experts to drive a cleaner and greener future for the country.  

These groundbreaking alliances aim to promote eco-friendly mobility, reduce carbon emissions, and foster sustainable transportation. In the first agreement, Odysse will supply Bud-e with 10,000 high-quality electric vehicles, aligning seamlessly with Bud-e's mission. Bud-e also plans to acquire more vehicles over the period of 2 years from Odysse and create a swappable charging ecosystem for faster adoption of EVs. Thus, demonstrating its strong commitment to reducing carbon footprints and electrifying mobility and last-mile delivery.

The second partnership involves Bud-e teaming up with Whizzy, providing 2,000 electric bikes for their operations. This collaboration significantly contributes to reducing carbon emissions while empowering gig workers with efficient and sustainable delivery services. It supports Bud-e's vision of a more sustainable environment and expands its market presence and revenue by supplying electric vehicles to Whizzy.

Mr. Adithya Tekumalla, CEO of Bud-e, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, " Our strategic partnerships with Odysse and Whizzy mark a pivotal moment for Bud-e and the entire sector. By leveraging our cutting-edge technology for electric vehicles, we are reshaping the landscape of sustainable transportation and last-mile delivery. Together, we're not only reducing carbon emissions, but also setting new industry standards for eco-friendly mobility solutions, driving positive impact on a global scale.” 

Speaking about the collaboration, Mr. Nemin Vora, CEO of Odysse Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., said, "We are thrilled to partner with Bud-e for our electric scooters. This collaboration highlights the growing demand for sustainable transportation solutions and Odysse's commitment to providing high-quality electric vehicles that prioritize both performance and environmental impact." 

Echoing his sentiments, Mr. Ravi Chander Reddy Bhathi, CEO of Whizzy, emphasized, "Whizzy Logistics aims to become an asset-lite company while expanding its 3PL services across India. To achieve this, we seek a dependable partner like Bud-e. By collaborating with Bud-e, Whizzy gains access to a fleet of eco-friendly EVs, enabling efficient and sustainable last-mile deliveries. This partnership not only enhances our logistics capabilities but also promotes environmental responsibility." 

As a T-Hub incubated startup, Bud-e has benefited from a nurturing ecosystem that fosters innovation and provides essential resources for startups to thrive. Bud-e has successfully deployed around 1000 bikes on the road through their B2B and B2C channels. With T-Hub's support, Bud-e is confidently propelling its mission to make every day commuting greener and more convenient, contributing to a cleaner, sustainable future. 

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