Accelerate India to enable startups to expand globally and forge cross-border partnerships

Accelerate India to enable startups to expand globally and forge cross-border partnerships

Accelerate India is an initiative that aims to promote startups globally, facilitating their growth, and fostering connections with potential investors and industries across the world. Accelerate India is a one-of-a-kind platform designed to empower start-ups, family offices, and enterprises to embrace the global stage, bridging the gap between innovation and international impact.

Accelerate India defies the limits of traditional sectors, serving as a dynamic hub for startups and family offices across an intriguing array of domains, spanning fintech, med-tech, deep-tech, EVs, Agri-tech, and a multitude of others. This captivating diversity in sectors reflects Accelerate India's unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship across a multifaceted spectrum of industries. As it charts its course for global influence, Accelerate India is unfolding its presence in key destinations, like Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, the UK, the USA, Finland, and Germany, in the exhilarating first chapter of its worldwide expansion journey.

Accelerate India will assist and mentor the startups and family offices in many ways, including Global Reach: Accelerate India is set to be the launchpad for Indian startups, propelling them into the global arena by connecting them with international markets and foreign investors, Market Access: Unlocking new horizons, Accelerate India empowers startups to expand their presence both domestically and internationally, facilitating their entry into uncharted market territories, Industry Partnerships: At the heart of innovation, Accelerate India nurtures partnerships between startups and well-established industries, creating a fertile ground for mutual growth and groundbreaking collaborations, Technology Access: A technological oasis awaits at the global level through the Technology Park, where startups can refine their business strategies, enhance product development, and access a wealth of technological resources to fuel their entrepreneurial journey.

Founded in Ahmedabad, Accelerate India emerged from the visionary experiences of Dr. Neha Sharma as she embarked on journeys spanning the globe. These journeys illuminated the boundless potential of global exposure for Indian startups. Dr. Neha Sharma, a trailblazer at Accelerate India, contributes a wealth of insights garnered from her role as the CEO of CrAdLE, the Incubation Centre at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.

The initiative is also backed by Sushil Sharma of Marwari Catalyst, whose visionary prowess is exemplified in his role as the architect of change, orchestrating the transformation of startups and fortifying the entrepreneurial terrain in tier 2 cities. His legacy of nurturing innovation and fostering entrepreneurship amplifies Accelerate India's ability to serve as a launchpad for startups and enterprises, propelling them into the global limelight.

Projecting her vision, Dr Neha Sharma, Founder and Director of Accelerate India said, “Accelerate India is an embodiment of our collective vision to bridge the gap between local innovation and global expansion. We stand at the crossroads where the impact of global exposure cannot be understated. Global resources are not just a catalyst for one nation’s economy; they’re the driving force for a global transformation. This is why Accelerate India is the need of the hour.”

Echoing the sentiment, Sushil Sharma, said, “In today’s interconnected world, the global marketplace is an opportunity waiting to be harnessed. Accelerate India is not just an initiative; it’s a movement that extends a helping hand to incubators, accelerators, investors, entrepreneurs, startups, and family offices. It’s a bridge to endless possibilities, and we’re excited to be a part of this journey.”

Accelerate India strategically aligns with the Government of India's initiatives to support startups and works in conjunction with various stakeholders, including government bodies, to further the goal of nurturing and promoting the startup ecosystem in India.

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