Siemens Xcelerator Hits Milestone with 100 Digital Use Cases

Siemens Xcelerator Hits Milestone with 100 Digital Use Cases

Siemens Limited achieved a significant milestone for its Siemens Xcelerator platform with the inclusion of 100 India-relevant digital use and reference cases across multiple industries such as Food & Beverage, Data Centers, Commercial Buildings, Power Utilities and others. Siemens Xcelerator is an open and evolving digital business platform that comprises a comprehensive, curated portfolio that includes digital and Internet of Things (IoT)-enabled offerings (software, hardware and digital services) from Siemens, and certified third parties.

Part of the Siemens Xcelerator portfolio is Industrial Operations X, an open and interoperable portfolio for automating and operating industrial production and Building X, a scalable digital building platform to digitalize, manage and optimize building operations.

Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Koncept Engineers, Safex Technologies and Sonicbolt Technologies were announced as Siemens Xcelerator Ecosystem Partners – a crucial component with a far-reaching impact on the digital transformation of organizations.

As a Siemens Xcelerator partner, TCS will engage with customers through a consultative process to provide holistic solutions for a Connected Digital Enterprise. These solutions will be based on the expertise of TCS in areas such as simulation, industrial automation, IoT, industrial edge, 5G, cybersecurity, product and application lifecycle management, manufacturing execution systems, enterprise resource planning, enterprise asset management and low-code application development. Koncept Engineers, Safex Technologies and Sonicbolt Technologies will provide integrated building management solutions and integration services of HVAC, fire safety and security systems. These include energy optimization, building information modeling integration, digitalization, cloud-based offerings and building automation as well as for Building X.

Peter Koerte, Chief Technology Officer and Strategy Officer, Siemens AG, said, “We have made significant progress over the past year with Siemens Xcelerator and growing a powerful ecosystem. With India’s economy continuing its high growth momentum aiming to double its GDP in the next 7-8 years, Indian companies have a unique opportunity to accelerate their digital transformation with Siemens Xcelerator portfolio which includes latest technologies such as industrial AI, industrial edge, digital twin and 5G.”

Sunil Mathur, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Limited, said, “We have achieved a milestone of 100 India-relevant digital use cases, which are now available on Siemens Xcelerator platform. Together with our Siemens Xcelerator Ecosystem Partners, we will be able to support the increasing demand for digitalization and decarbonization solutions in India.”

Regu Ayyaswamy, Global Head, IoT & Digital Engineering, TCS, said, “TCS brings deep knowledge of Industrial IoT and digital engineering across a wide client portfolio and expertise in Siemens Xcelerator solutions. With TCS' 'Bringing Life to Things' framework, enterprises can maximize value from a Connected Digital Enterprise by responding to physical context with digital intelligence, accelerating digital product creation, enabling neural manufacturing and becoming sustainable by design.”

Many of the use cases were on display at the fourth edition of Siemens India Innovation Day 2023 in Mumbai, where Siemens showcased a range of technology innovations and customer references on digital transformation through an Ideas Marketplace, Co-Labs and Siemens Xcelerator Hub.

In his Keynote Address at the Siemens Innovation Day 2023, Peter Koerte outlined the power of the Industrial Metaverse which is an always-on world, where real machines and factories, buildings and cities, grids and transportation systems are mirrored in the virtual world. It has the potential to solve real-world problems by integrating cutting-edge technologies such as digital twin, artificial intelligence, and edge and cloud computing. It will enable users to simulate and test different scenarios, and to work on real things together virtually, in real-time, and from anywhere – whether designing buildings and power grids or servicing machines. This will result in reduction of costs, emissions, and resources.

Acknowledging the major challenges for India’s industry, in its recent paper, Siemens highlighted the five megatrends that are transforming the global economy. These megatrends are seen to be shifting the geopolitical balance of power, and profoundly impacting the global workforce: demographic change, urbanization, glocalization, environmental change & resource efficiency, and digitalization. Siemens’ mission is to present solutions, along with the Siemens Xcelerator partners, for tackling these challenges.

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