Persistent Rolls Out Google Cloud-powered Generative AI Solutions

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Persistent has further strengthened its partnership with Google Cloud, launching a suite of Google Cloud-powered Generative AI solutions. These offerings will equip clients throughout their AI journeys, from AI explorers to Generative AI disruptors, to understand how to successfully identify and implement these advanced technologies to their businesses at scale. 

Persistent has developed a six-week Generative AI deployment acceleration engagement program in collaboration with Google Cloud. It utilizes Persistent’s differentiated IP, accelerators, and frameworks along with Google Cloud’s advanced Vertex AI platform to help clients strategize desired outcomes, discover relevant use cases, build a highly customized Generative AI roadmap, and implement Generative AI technologies.

Data is core to successful AI solution implementations. Enterprises must prepare their data for AI-powered use cases, typically a time and resource intensive process. Persistent has built an IP-driven application and database modernization accelerator, which uses Google Cloud’s Generative AI capabilities, for improved data modernization. The solution decreases time to market and costs by speeding up code migration, which can increase overall developer productivity through more efficient coding workflows.

In addition, Persistent has developed an enterprise search and insights discovery tool with an AI-powered conversational interface, which enables users to generate real-time insights from database analytics, applying Google Cloud’s leading expertise in natural language understanding.

Persistent has combined its Digital Engineering expertise with over a decade of hands-on experience as a Google Cloud partner to deliver cutting-edge solutions that help enterprises stay ahead of the curve. For example, Persistent is helping Artnet, a leading resource for buying, selling, and researching art online, to understand how they can reimagine the search for art through Generative AI. Artnet participated in Persistent’s proprietary acceleration engagement program, resulting in the use case of a conversational AI-powered interface that converses with art buyers in natural language, connecting to the database of available art to advise purchasing decisions based on criteria shared by customers.  

Rajesh Abhyankar, Senior Vice President – Google Business Unit, Persistent:

“Enterprises across industries are looking to capitalize on Generative AI to optimize costs and innovate business models. With Persistent’s newly launched Generative AI solutions, developed in collaboration with Google Cloud, we are helping enterprises understand the tangible value Generative AI can deliver by identifying actionable use cases that enable faster time to market and improved business outcomes. Persistent’s Digital Engineering expertise, strong foundation in data and 1,300 Google Cloud certifications, combined with our extensive experience in Google Cloud and Vertex AI, enables us to stay on the cutting edge of AI innovations.”

Jim Anderson, Vice President, NA Partners Ecosystem & Channels at Google Cloud:

“We're pleased that Persistent has identified Google Cloud Vertex AI as the underlying technology powering its new generative AI strategy. We look forward to seeing the impact this will have on clients looking to build and deploy time-saving, innovative programs across their businesses.”

Fabian Bocart, Chief Data Scientist, Artnet:

“Persistent’s acceleration engagement program, developed with Google Cloud, empowered Artnet to chart its Generative AI journey. The program helped Artnet review and assess different use cases. One potential application Artnet is exploring is to transform the search process by taking it beyond the usual keyword search model with conversational AI. Artnet is truly excited to embrace the power of Generative AI on the Google Cloud Platform to keep on transforming the art industry.”

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