Modernize Your Customer Communications with Newgen’s OmniOMS 11.0

Modernize Your Customer Communications with Newgen’s OmniOMS 11.0

Newgen Software NewgenONE, announced the launch of OmniOMS 11.0, the latest version of its Omnichannel Customer Engagement Platform (CCM). 

This version allows businesses to cut down on operational challenges faced in managing enterprise-wide communications and drive growth through innovative features such as –

·        Rich communication designer – Allows organizations across industries, including banking, insurance, government, utilities, and telecom, to create responsive communications such as statements, policy schedules, welcome letters, invoices, bills, reminders, and notifications. It also enables enterprises to reach out to customers through their channels of choice, such as e-mails, SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, social media, and others.

·        Reusable components and master templates – Drastically reduces communication design time and effort for employees. Businesses can set up components and master template library of reusable design objects such as images, tables, headers, footers, and static and dynamic content to design and modify hundreds of templates in minutes.

·        Seamless integration with business apps – Brings down operational costs associated with managing multiple legacy applications by integrating the platform with various BPM, CRM, and core systems, enabling designing, delivery, and tracking of enterprise-wide communications from these apps.

"Today, digital customers expect not only a good but a great customer experience, so how organizations engage with customers becomes extremely important. The NewgenONE platform, equipped with powerful Omnichannel Customer Engagement capabilities, empowers businesses to deliver personalized and effective customer communications through their channel of choice. Thus, helping deliver a superior experience across the customer journey," stated Mr. Virender Jeet, CEO of Newgen Software.

“With NewgenONE OmniOMS 11.0, businesses can achieve an impressive 30-40% reduction in operational expenses and full-time equivalent (FTE) costs. By leveraging the reusable design features, rich user interface, and robust integration ecosystem, businesses can make their operations more cost-effective and resource-efficient,” stated Mr. Varun Goswami, Head of Products at Newgen Software.

NewgenONE OmniOMS platform designs, manages, and distributes engaging end-to-end communications while tapping various cross and up-sell opportunities. one of the largest Asian insurance companies to modernize its customer communications, generating over 200 million communications annually while effectively configuring more than 100 templates within a matter of days.

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