Lenovo and VMware Expanded Partnership to Provide Generative AI Turnkey Solutions

Lenovo and VMware Expanded Partnership to Provide Generative AI Turnkey Solutions

At VMware Explore 2023, Lenovo and VMware, Inc. announced the first turnkey solutions from their joint Edge and Cloud Innovation Labs, delivering modern hybrid multi-cloud capabilities to mid-size companies and helping customers more easily harness data to empower their intelligent transformation.

Lenovo also unveiled its newest Reference Design for Generative AI in partnership with VMware, a fully integrated Lenovo ThinkSystem solution featuring NVIDIA-accelerated computing and software that is purpose-built to help businesses implement AI and delivers one of the most versatile, accelerated computing platforms on the market. The solutions are part of a newly expanded partnership with VMware that is focused on providing businesses of all sizes with an accelerated path to digital transformation through new, integrated edge-to-cloud solutions that simplify the deployment of next-generation AI and data intelligence. Lenovo is also working with VMware and NVIDIA in support of the new VMware Private AI Foundation with NVIDIA generative AI solution.

“Our commitment to empowering businesses through IT modernization finds a new horizon with VMware. Lenovo and VMware's collaborative solutions, born in our Edge and Cloud Innovation Labs, redefine business transformation,” said Sumir Bhatia, President – AP, Lenovo ISG “Expanding our alliance with VMware is a transformative step towards empowering businesses with advanced edge, AI, and hybrid cloud capabilities. With Lenovo's ThinkSystem AI and TruScale Hybrid Cloud alongside VMware's expertise, we unlock the future of AI and cloud intelligence, catering to businesses of all sizes.”

“VMware and Lenovo are partnering to help clients of all sizes become digital companies by investing in the infrastructure required to power a new generation of modern applications, such as Generative AI,” said Krish Prasad, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Business Group, VMware. “The results from our joint Edge and Cloud Labs and the new fully integrated Lenovo systems are important milestones. Together we’re helping mid-market and enterprise customers manage their changing IT landscape, deliver faster innovation, and improve business outcomes.”

The proliferation of data is fueling the demand for computing everywhere. Businesses across all industries, including manufacturing and retail, need IT solutions that help deliver AI and real-time insights from any location, from the data center to the edge and cloud.

Lenovo is extending its partnership with VMware to help customers harness the value of their data, deploying purpose-built NVIDIA AI solutions to transform their business with more predictable outcomes by leveraging NVIDIA AI Enterprise, the enterprise-grade software that powers the NVIDIA AI platform. NVIDIA AI Enterprise includes NVIDIA NeMo software to accelerate the development and deployment of production-ready large language models (LLMs). Lenovo’s newest Reference Design for Generative AI based on LLMs shows businesses how to deploy and commercialize powerful generative AI tools and foundation models, using a pre-validated, fully integrated, and performance-optimized solution for data centers running on VMware vSphere.

“Amidst India's AI integration shift, leaders leverage AI for enhanced customer experiences, streamlined operations, and effective decision-making," stated Amit Luthra, Managing Director - India, Lenovo ISG. "Lenovo’s partnership with VMware & NVIDIA amplifies this, allowing businesses to embrace cutting-edge edge, AI, and hybrid cloud tech seamlessly. Our Generative AI Reference Design simplifies powerful AI deployment within VMware vSphere-equipped data centers, ultimately empowering businesses to unlock new realms of efficiency, innovation, and success.

The solution features NVIDIA GPU-dense platforms that are purpose built for AI workloads, including the Lenovo ThinkSystem SR675 V3 and ThinkSystem SR670 V2, offering up to eight-GPUs in a compact 3U or smaller footprint for the highest performing accelerated workloads. The Lenovo computing platforms serve as the most versatile, accelerated computing platforms on the market with three server configurations in one, including support for NVIDIA HGX A100 4-GPU systems with NVIDIA NVLink technology and Lenovo Neptune hybrid liquid cooling, as well as four or eight GPU configurations featuring NVIDIA L40S and 80GB NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs, or NVIDIA H100 NVL servers. Combining the power of Lenovo and NVIDIA technologies with VMware, these servers will help professionals worldwide advance AI and bring generative AI applications like intelligent chatbots, search, and summarization tools to users across industries.

To further support critical network integration, Lenovo is adding the latest NVIDIA Spectrum-X™ networking technology from NVIDIA to its AI portfolio, using NVIDIA BlueField®-3 data processing units (DPUs) and NVIDIA Spectrum-4 switches in its generative AI reference design for more advanced AI workload integration. These add to existing options for accelerated networking with NVIDIA ConnectX-7 Ethernet NICs. 

Together, the extended collaboration between Lenovo and VMware will expand joint, go-to-market strategies and deliver new on-demand services, making modern IT infrastructure solutions more easily accessible to a broader range of customers.

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