HCLTech Launches its ADC Software Solution on AWS Marketplace

HCLTech Launches its ADC Software Solution on AWS Marketplace

HCLTech has announced the availability of its ADvantage Code (ADC) software solution on AWS Marketplace. HCLTech's ADvantage Code (ADC) software solution enhances and automates cloud-native application development.

Enterprises can now easily access HCLTech’s ADC software solution to streamline operations and respond effectively to changing market trends. It helps enterprises scale, standardize and reduce infrastructure costs. The software solution boosts application development by auto-generating parts of code. DevOps pipelines then continuously review the code, test it for quality and security and deploy it on the target platform.

“Today, digital services are critical to business strategy. We specialize in offering clients a portfolio of innovative IPs, frameworks and software solutions. HCLTech ADvantage Code is a one-of-a-kind solution that leverages intelligent automation to bring productivity to AWS native app development,” said Prabhakar Appana, Senior Vice President and Head, AWS Ecosystem, HCLTech. “By fusing our CloudSMART strategy and expertise in digital business services with AWS’s world-class cloud infrastructure, we enable organizations to rapidly innovate and scale their operations with agility and flexibility.”

The availability of HCLTech’s ADC software solution on AWS Marketplace provides a platform for HCLTech to reach a wide customer base and increase product visibility. Customers can benefit from a trusted source for finding, testing and buying software solutions with flexible pricing and deployment options. With HCLTech’s ADC solution, enterprises can leverage automation to streamline their development process, reduce costs and drive revenue growth.

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