E2E Networks Unveils AI Supercomputer HGX 8xH100 on E2E Cloud, Revolutionizing AI Speeds

E2E Networks Unveils AI Supercomputer HGX 8xH100 on E2E Cloud, Revolutionizing AI Speeds

E2E Networks, the India-born AI-first Hyperscale Cloud Service Provider, launched the world’s most powerful GPU, the HGX 8xH100, on E2E Cloud. Widely described as the AI supercomputer, HGX 8xH100 leverages the powerful H100 GPU, which is the world’s first GPU capable of accelerating trillion-parameter AI models. Including eight H100 Tensor Core GPUs and four third-generation NVSwitches, HGX 8xH100 provides a staggering 900 gigabytes per second NVLink bidirectional speed, significantly enhancing the communication between GPUs and thereby accelerating the performance of AI collective operations by 3x compared to previous models.

The instant access to HGX 8xH100 AI supercomputer on E2E Cloud is set to transform a wide range of industries by accelerating large-scale AI workloads. Specifically, it will provide immense leverage to AI startups and enterprises operating out of India, enabling them with the platform required to build their own foundational large language models (LLMs) and large multi-modal models (LMMs). It will also facilitate the creation of Indic-language LLMs, thereby paving the way for AI solutions that cater to the unique needs of India’s massive regional language userbase and promoting digital inclusivity.

According to nasscom, “For India to effectively compete with leading nations, it is crucial for the nation to swiftly gain access to the limited supply of GPU. It is encouraging to see Indian service providers are building the recourses necessary to strengthen the country’s competitiveness globally. Access to the HGX AI supercomputer can provide startups with the computational power to tackle the unique challenges of building Indic-language LLMs. This can help unlock new opportunities and models for India's diverse linguistic landscape and is a step towards enhancing our nation's digital inclusivity and AI capabilities at a global stage.”

Speaking of this development, M. Imran, the CTO of E2E Networks, said, “The launch of HGX 8xH100 into E2E Cloud democratizes access to cutting-edge technology, enabling Indian startups to push the boundaries of AI and machine learning. With the power of this AI supercomputer, startups can now launch India-centric foundational AI models, Indic-language LLMs, and drive significant advancements in a wide array of sectors. Its ability to handle massive datasets and complex computations opens up opportunities for groundbreaking research and development in fields like conversational AI, natural language processing, computer vision, and data analytics. This aligns perfectly with E2E Networks' commitment to empowering the growth and success of the Indian AI startup ecosystem.”

E2E Networks' integration of the HGX 8xH100 enhances its already robust portfolio of GPU offerings, including A100-80/40GB, L40S, L4, A40, A30, RTX8000, V100, and T4s GPUs, and its newly launched machine learning platform, TIR. Available as hourly, committed, or spot instances, E2E Cloud provides a flexible and scalable solution for building and launching machine learning applications on a high-value infrastructure cloud.

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