Realme 11 Pro Series 5G to Launch in China on 10th May

Realme 11 Pro Series 5G to Launch in China on 10th May

Realme will launch its much-awaited 11 Pro Series 5G in Mainland China on May 10th. This new lineup will come in two variants, namely realme 11 Pro+ 5G and realme 11 Pro 5G, and will be available in three stunning colours - Sunrise Beige, Oasis Green, and Astral Black.

The realme 11 Pro Series 5G has been co-created by realme Design Studio and Matteo Menotto, a former Gucci Prints designer. The phone features a striking design, with a lychee leather back and a lace-like strip that encircles its camera module and runs straight down to the bottom. According to Matteo, the inspiration for the design comes from Milan, a fashion-forward city where he grew up. He took inspiration from the moment when the rising sun draped the classic architecture of the city and created a pale golden hue, just like the new phone’s colour variant - Sunrise Beige.

In collaboration with the realme Design Studio, Matteo has brought a touch of luxury to the realme 11 Pro Series 5G through intricate texturing, exquisite prints, and masterful craftsmanship. This has resulted in not only a sleek lychee leather back but also an unparalleled grip sensation in hand, achieved through the use of a 3D couture-level seam technique and an industry-leading 3D woven texture. These premium design elements elevate the realme 11 Pro Series 5G to a league of its own, offering a unique and sophisticated aesthetic that sets it apart from the rest.

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