HONOR X9b 5G Set to Launch with Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display

HONOR X9b 5G Set to Launch with Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display

The upcoming HONOR X9b will introduce a new era of durability and reliability in smartphones. Going beyond expectations in quality and brilliance, the HONOR X9b features an ultra-bounce 360ยฐ anti-drop resistance and cutting-edge cushioning technology.

The first in the industry to receive a Five-Star Overall Drop Resistance certification from Switzerland's SGS underscores the smartphone's readiness for unfavorable scenarios, such as accidental drops, highlighting HONOR's commitment to delivering reliable and durable devices. This latest addition to the Xb series exemplifies HONOR's dedication to innovating on display quality brilliance, ensuring users experience excellence in every aspect of their smartphone usage.

Ultra-Bounce Anti-Drop Display: 360ยฐ Drop Resistance

HONOR X9b comes equipped with HONOR Ultra-Bounce Anti-drop Display, ensuring outstanding durability and stability. Its innovative shock-absorbing structure around the phone provides impressive resistance to drops up to 1.5 meters. The phone guarantees 360ยฐ protection to all six faces and four corners, even on hard surfaces like marble. Its three-layer protective structure, incorporating partial reinforcement, surrounding buffer, and sealing protection, utilizes an innovative low-modulus cushioning material with micron-level gaps, absorbing impacts up to 1.2 times. The phone introduces Ultra-Bounce Technology, providing both drop and splash resistance, validated by a 15-second submersion test and IP53 water and dust resistance certification. The micro-level gap design acts as airbags, deforming and absorbing energy upon impact, transcending environmental factors. 

Prioritizing eye comfort 

HONOR X9b 5G introduces innovative features to enhance user well-being. HONOR has consistently demonstrated a commitment to human-centric innovation, particularly in the field of eye-care technologies, employing a scientific approach and the all-new HONOR X9b is a testament to the same.  

1920 Hz PWM Dimming Technology with hardware-level low-blue light 

The PWM Dimming method is known to have three stages of risk when it comes to eye health. These stages are determined by the frequency at which the display backlight flickers, which can affect users differently depending on their sensitivity. In the high-risk stage, the frequency falls below 1250 Hz, leading to noticeable flickering that can increase the risk of eye strain and fatigue. In the low-risk stage, the frequency is typically between 1250Hz and 3125Hz, ensuring flickering is not noticeable to most users and reducing the risk of eye discomfort. HONOR has gone above and beyond with the HONOR X9b, introducing 1920Hz PWM Dimming technology and hardware-level low blue light to reduce eye fatigue for users. This groundbreaking feature eliminates any risk to the eyes, providing todayโ€™s always-on generation an assurance to enjoy their smartphones without any concerns about eye strain or discomfort. 

Dynamic Dimming 

Knowing that our eyes often feel more comfortable in natural light conditions, the HONOR X9b uses dynamic light that resembles natural light rhythm to stimulate ciliary muscle movement through Dynamic Dimming. This innovative feature helps to alleviate eye fatigue by as much as 18% by increasing blood circulation in the ciliary muscle. In addition, the display's brightness level will automatically and periodically change according to the duration of screentime with different external lighting conditions, going brighter and darker imperceptibly according to the desired condition of the human eye. 

Circadian Night Display 

HONOR X9b is equipped with the innovative Circadian Night Display technology, a feature specifically designed to enhance user sleep quality during nighttime usage. This feature filters out harmful blue light and smoothly transitions the screen's color temperature naturally, supporting a healthier sleep cycle. Extensive lab tests conducted by HONOR indicate a 20% increase in melatonin levels with this feature, contributing to longer and better sleep quality for users. With a top-notch display and comprehensive eye protection, HONOR takes display durability and brilliance to new heights with the latest technology in the HONOR X9b.  Tailored to suit your dynamic lifestyle, HONOR X9b ensures durability, reliability, and brilliance for an unparalleled user experience. 

Ultra-Clear Display

Boasting a 6.78-inch display with a 120Hz panel supporting an impressive 1.5K resolution (429PPI), 1.07 billion colours, and 100% DCI-P3, this smartphone delivers visuals that are not just smooth but sharp and filled with intricate detail. HONOR X9b 5G introduces a dynamic refresh rate that adapts to the user's activities. The display can accelerate to 120Hz for seamless and fluid visuals, ideal for high-octane mobile gaming, and adjust to a slower pace for activities like reading, optimizing battery life.

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