Product Review: Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G

Product Review: Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G

Digital Terminal Ratings(4.5 / 5)


This mobile is poised to revolutionize charging with its #TakeCharge feature. Upon opening the box, the X1Cheetah immediately catches the eye from the top. The bottom reveals the "all-around fast charge 2.0" label, with the Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G smartphone securely packed in the center. Additionally, the box includes a wireless charging device, a MagPower accessory, a MagPad, a 45W charging adapter, a Type-C cable, a SIM ejector tool, stickers, a screen guard, a Mag case, and various documents and papers.

Magpad & Magpower

Infinix has introduced accessories such as Magpad & Magpower just like MagSafe on iPhones. Magpad is a round-shaped charging device with a type-c port at the back, which magnetically sticks to the smartphone and dons the charging job without fussing with wires. The Magpower is a rectangle-shaped charging equipment with a type-c charging port and this one can also stick to the mobileโ€™s back with a magnetic grip for charging purposes. Both wireless magnetic docs feature a 3,020mAh battery and work like power banks with magnetic support for optimizing power management to ensure a more efficient and longer-lasting mobile usage.

Design and Display

The Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G smartphone is lightweight with curved corners that look premium. From the back, the device boasts a leather finish, making it quite stylish to flaunt and feels good in the hands with added protection. At the top, the large rectangle camera panel is decorated with three cameras and one back camera alongside the ring flash. The device comes in two elegant color options: Titan Gold and Vintage Green. We got vintage green for review. The phone comes in two variants - Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G and Infinix Note 40 Pro+ 5G.

The 6.78-inch AMOLED display screen enhances the overall viewing experience. 1B color 120 Hz refresh rate bolsters a thin and symmetrical look on the screen. 3D curve display enhances the overall content consumption experience. Another added feature is a display fingerprint sensor that works quite accurately. The screen is also protected with gorilla glass five. Plus, 1300 nits brightness that effectively works in outdoor environments for content consumption.

Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Performance

Apart from the premium looks, Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G mobiles showed a powerful performance while we were testing it. The device boasts two chipsets, making it the first of the segment. The first chipset belongs to the powerful MediaTek Dimensity 7020 and the second one is Cheetah X1 which is a great power management chip solution. Altogether they improve the performance, while enabling a strong multitasking environment. We played games even at high settings, and it worked perfectly at 40 FPS as well.

Furthermore, the mobile features AI assistance called Folex that can assist with tasks like taking photos, making calls, setting alarms, playing music, and so on.

Stunning Camera

The camera is the focusing point of this 5G smartphone as the triple camera setup supports a 108-megapixel main sensor OIS+2MP+2MP at the rear and front it is 32 MP. The camera works perfectly in daylight, however, sometimes it captures sharp images. Although overall camera performance is good. In the rear camera, there are 15+ camera modes, catering to the demands of social media users. Along with that selfie camera boasts a 32-megapixel capacity that delivers satisfactory results.

Charging Features

The phone boasts a 4600mAh battery with fast charging support of 45W and 20W magnetic charger. Reverse charge is available for around 10W in this phone. The Note 40 Pro 5G comes with the Cheetah X1 power management chip that amplifies the complete power management solution. With a wireless charging feature, it is easy to carry wireless charging equipment and keep your phone charged always.

Within 50 minutes of charging the device juice up from 20-100 percent. However, the magnetic 20W wireless charging MagPower and MagPad takes a little longer.


The smartphone is power-packed with a massive 256GB+12GB(UP TO 24GB) memory. Infinix provides 5000 MAH battery support to the Pro version, while 4600 MAH in the Plus version.


The Note 40 Pro 5G model is available at a competitive price of โ‚น 21,999. However, on a pre-order, it costs you a discounted price of โ‚น 19,999. The upper Plus model costs โ‚น24,999 and very soon it will go on sale too.

DT Verdict

The Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G offers a complete charging solution for longer-hour usage, thanks to its innovative features like MagCharge and faster charging. The device also boasts Halo lighting, adding a touch of style to its design. After using it for more than 15 days, our experts found that the Note 40 Pro 5G excelled in all media experiences, delivering vibrant visuals and immersive sound quality.

For its price range, we rate the Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G 4 out of 5 on our rating charts. Overall, it offers a compelling combination of performance, design, and innovative features, making it a solid choice for users looking for a feature-packed smartphone experience.

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