Happinetz Box: Internet Filtering System

Happinetz Box: Internet Filtering System

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GenZ population has grown up in a complete technologically advanced world. The fastest 5G network, smart devices, and virtually rich entertainment are their childish companions, leaving parents concerned about their kids’ screen time and the content they are exposed to. Especially the intermissions that pop up with misleading product advertisements in between popular gaming videos or cartoons on so-called kids’ specific platforms.

How to protect innocence from such inaccurate exposure? After all, children are connected to internet all day which can harm them in multiple ways. To protect kids, Happinetz Box is one of the products which can help parents monitor and control the activities of their children on internet. Check out this review to know all about this device.

Happinetz Box Is The Answer

Manual interventions to control the internet activity of a child have been a difficult task for parents forever, however, the new Happinetz Box has emerged as a solution to this problem. This is a network-level device that monitors all devices and traffic including apps, websites, and services accessible through that internet line.

The Box Contains…

Happinetz Box comes with all accessories that you need to set-up this device. In the box, you will find the Happinetz Box itself, apart from it there is a Power Adapter, one Ethernet Cable, Installation Guide, Happinetz Reward Cardz, and a 6-month free subscription card.

How Does Happinetz Box Work?

There is nothing to worry about the set-up as it is a simple-to-use product. You just need to connect Happinetz Box to your Home Router and it creates a separate WiFi network. This does not affect your Home WiFi network or devices connected to it.

Happinetz Box Helps Parents With…

The Happinetz Box is made for parents worried about their kids being exposed to indecent content as a halter for their innocence.  Parents can guide children through a less harmful digital journey responsibly. The device has been developed in leu with ease of use, safety, and security which makes it an indispensable instrument for digital age modern parents.  

Happinetz Box filters inappropriate content for kids and phishing attacks and effectively tracks over 110 million apps and website domains across the internet. The device pre-emptively blocks 22 million+ adult and unsecured websites. The box doesn’t require the installation of any specific apps on children’s devices. As parents, you can get acquainted with kids’ internet activities, keeping track of websites and apps they come across to fulfil their childish interests through History and Insights features.

The box functions across all types of devices like Android & iOS phones, laptops, Smart TVs, etc. along with every browser, even those open in incognito mode. In addition, it comes alongside a customized screen time manager, enabling parents to channelize screen time schedules suitable for their children’s age group. So if you are a parent an worried about your child’s online activities, you can go for Happinetz Box.

Price & Availability

Happinetz Box costs ₹4,499 which includes a six-month subscription with every feature along with browsing history once you pay ₹1,999 for one year subscription. The product is available for purchase on the official website.

DT Verdict

The Happinetz Box offers robust protection against age-inappropriate content and online threats. In the digital era, Happinetz emerges as an essential tool for modern parenting. This device is really a unique product and can help you in many ways if you seek to keep your child safe in this technologically advanced time. In our review, the product worked really well and all its features work seamlessly. By using it during our review, we find this a good device for online safety of children. We rate it 4 out of 5.