Why Is THE FINALS The Most Talked About Game On Twitter

Why Is THE FINALS The Most Talked About Game On Twitter

Authored by Shiva Nandy, Founder and CEO, Skyesports

If you are a part of the esports community on X (formerly Twitter), one game that must have caught your attention would be THE FINALS. From popular esports org owners to creators, there’s been a lot of buzz for this new esports title. 

So, what is THE FINALS? THE FINALS, developed by Embark Studios, is a free-to-play first-person shooter title available on PCs and consoles. But, the game is very different from other FPS titles popular in the Indian market right now. It’s much more fast-paced and with its variety of classes with distinct power-ups, makes for a game that isn’t just fun to play but also a good esports title to watch. 

That’s where we come in. We will be bringing THE FINALS to India and building its player base along with a planned vibrant esports ecosystem. We don’t want to just focus on esports competitions, but also on showcasing the game to audiences, supporting the community, and onboarding content creators in the country who want to play this fast-paced and fun-to-watch title.

Working on this game is very exciting for us, not only because we get to work on a remarkable and promising game but for reasons pertaining to the local esports scene in India. Currently, there are a dearth of options in the country – its players, content creators, esports orgs, and athletes. 

With THE FINALS, there’s a new choice for Indian gamers, and aspiring professional players. For esports orgs as well, investing in PC games is becoming unsustainable with low prize pools, high player salaries and associated expenses, along with a financial climate where brands aren’t investing like they used to. 

We are planning on how to address these in the market. Just like what we have been doing for other games, we aim to construct a proper roadmap that will allow teams to know what’s in store. We have shared some of our initial plans with org owners, and the feedback has been positive. This is why you can see the likes of Rohit Jagasia (Founder, Revenant Esports), Manoj Kashyap (Founder, Velocity Gaming), Akhil Kavaturu (Founder, Marcos Gaming), and Yashwanth (Founder, True Rippers) all commenting on the game on Twitter. 

Thus, if you are an aspiring pro, it’s a good time to jump onto THE FINALS and hone your skills. You can download it through Steam.

Furthermore, we have observed that the core conversation creators of a healthy community are the content creators. We will be engaging with creators – big and small – who actually enjoy playing the game and can build an audience over time. With regular conversations and support, we aim to build a community of creators around the game. We are welcoming creators with open arms who are interested in this. 

Overall, what we are aiming to achieve is to make THE FINALS a loved game by the Indian community. With our experience, we know that we can achieve this over time. As we move forward, we invite all gamers, content creators, and esports enthusiasts to join us on this exciting journey. 

Stay tuned for more updates and get ready to experience the thrill of THE FINALS. Let’s build the future of Indian esports together, one game at a time. 

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