Must-have Features for CCTV Storage

Must-have Features for CCTV Storage

Authored by Khalid Wani, Senior Director-Sales, India, Western Digital

Today, the need for CCTV or smart video has transcended the security use case. From efficient retail management to better driving, many new and interesting use cases, underlining the importance of smart video, have emerged. Moreover, availability of a variety of cameras- from easy to install to hi-tech artificial intelligence (AI) infused- have helped the CCTV market growth. As per a report1, the India CCTV market size is expected to grow from USD 3.30 billion in this year to USD 8.43 billion by 2028. Specialized storage is one of the most important components for a smart video setup.

Here are some of the top features that CCTV storage solutions must have.

1. High-Capacity 

Since CCTV runs and captures video footage in a 24/7 environment, it is important to invest in high-capacity storage solutions, whether it is an on-camera microSDTM card or a hard disk drive (HDD) to store the footage for future viewing. Deploying low-capacity storage solutions will defeat the purpose of having a CCTV setup, since these will not record the footage for an extended period in high resolution. The storage requirement will differ depending on the number of cameras, their resolutions, and how many days the footage will be stored. The WD Purpleยฎ Pro Smart Video HDD from Western Digital is an ideal storage companion for CCTV setup and comes in up to 22TB* of storage capacities. For on-camera storage, the WD Purple SC QD101 Ultra Endurance microSD Card from Western Digital comes in up to 1TB* of storage capacities.

2. High Endurance 

Higher endurance is crucial for CCTV storage solutions in cameras since these work in extreme weather conditions. Moreover, due to the placement, it can be difficult to run regular maintenance. By selecting a storage solution with higher endurance, storage can withstand extreme weather conditions and operate for longer periods, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. Retail grade microSD cards lack endurance specifications needed for smart videos. WD Purple microSD cards are especially designed for CCTV setups, as these offer the right robustness, performance, endurance, reliability, and features for an always-on environment.

3. High Performance

Not all storage solutions are designed or capable of maintaining an elevated level of performance in the long run in an always-on environment. Therefore, it is important to choose storage that is designed to handle smart video 24/7 workloads. The storage device for a CCTV system should be able to record, store and re-play videos non-stop from multiple feeds, or streams. All WD Purpleโ„ข Pro drives are equipped with AllFrameโ„ข AI technology, which not only improves ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss and improve overall video playback, but also supports up to 32 AI streams for deep learning analytics within the system.

The use of smart videos will continue to gain traction across various sector.  It is important to use specialized storage choosing smart video storage solutions to get the best out of a CCTV setup.

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