These AI-based EdTech Platforms All Set to Transform Online Learning in 2022

These AI-based EdTech Platforms All Set to Transform Online Learning in 2022

The following are the top 5 AI-based EdTech companies set to transform online learning for students in 2022:

  1. {}

{} aims to help “Inspire curiosity and confidence in kids to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more”. Equipped with more than 25 years of education and technology experience and a strong focus on “math + data + AI thinking”, the platform offers a number of specialised AI-powered tools and processes like RobArt and AiEDGE, supported by “i5 SMart Learning” – a brain reward learning methodology. This not only helps promote free thinking in kids, it also teaches them to connect real-world problems with logical and mathematical approaches. As a result, it works to inspire curiosity and passion in kids with a solid foundation of art and intelligence – both natural and artificial, to enable them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

  1. Lido Learning

With a maximum student-teacher ratio of 6:1, Lido prides itself in its ability to offer smaller individualised classes to students, by a plethora of top-notch tutors, in a safe and interactive virtual learning environment. This helps every child receive the personal attention they need, ensuring a deeper grasp on concepts, evolution of practical skills, and their application to tackle real-world problems. By offering face-to-face interaction with experienced teachers in subjects like Maths, Science, English, and Coding, for students from KG to 10th grade, Lido delivers a digital classroom for the 21st century that helps students thrive in school and their lives.

  1. Cuemath

An after-school program for K-12 classes, Cuemath teaches math and coding to more than 200000 students across 20+ countries all over the world. The adaptive learning platform utilises interactive visual simulations and live guidance from experienced teachers trained and certified by Cuemath, to encourage students to find answers themselves, instead of telling them. This helps develop long-term recall in them, as well as the application of their learnings in real-world concepts and situations. Furthermore, Cuemath’s curriculum has been developed by experts from Harvard, Stanford, Cambridge, and IIT, and is designed to adapt to every child’s cognitive skills.

  1. SP Robotic Works

Offering a range of courses in Robotics, Internet of Things (IOT), Image Processing, Virtual Reality (VR), and more, SP Robotic Works has created an AI-based edutainment platform that aims to transform the way that engineering and STEM education is accessed and consumed globally. Combining both online and offline smart-classes, the platform, called “SPARKY”, continuously adapts as it learns, which is supplemented by hands-on kits to make the learning interactive. This helps it find the best courses for each student, modulate the pace of tests and delivery, and suggest next courses to take, along with connecting the students to an extended community of experts and peers to encourage collaboration.

  1. Codingal

The future is digital, and with that in mind, Codingal is building the largest online school community dedicated to coding. On a mission to inspire kids and help them fall in love with coding, Codingal conducts live one-on-one classes for children from grade 1 to 12, where they learn coding interactively, by building apps, games, and websites. The platform also helps personalize the curriculum according to the interests and aptitude of each child, through a scientific coding curriculum that combines BIDE, STEAM and BLOOM's Taxonomy, and highly experienced teachers trained by Codingal.

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