Studiobackdrops Launches SYNCO Microphones

Studiobackdrops Launches SYNCO Microphones has introduced a new range of microphones by SYNCO offering its products in over 30 countries.

The new range brings in a high-quality affordable collection which includes Synco G1 (A1), Synco Lav-S6M2, Synco Mic-M2S and Synco W-Mic TS Mini. These products are known for their environmental noise reduction technology, sound optimization processing, and audio drive reverberation.

Being the one and only authorized distributor for SYNCO Audio in India, is the exclusive authorized distributor in India for the vast range of SYNCO products in the country.

Synco G1(A1)

Synco G1(A1) Ultracompact Digital Wireless Microphone System (White)

The Synco G1 (A1) is the first wireless microphone with a Digital Signal Processor. It ensures clearer sound by cutting out external noise. This also optimizes the audio while it is being recorded and makes the post-processing much easier. It is a powerful transmitting device with one of the most reliable signals transmissions. The transmission range of the device is 230ft/70m in which it gives clear and distortion-less signals. It is also extremely compact and lightweight and can fit phones and cameras without adding extra weight.

Price: Rs. 8,899.00

Synco Lav-S6M2

Synco Lav-S6M2 Wired Lavalier Microphone with Built-In Battery

The Synco Lav-S6M2 is a feat in sound engineering that offers the best brand-new technologies to its users. It employs the Mathematic Process Technique that strengthens the speech signal and suppresses all common noises to give you clear and pure audio. It has a real time monitoring system and gives flexible level control for different conditions. Its massive inbuilt battery gives a 50-hour non-stop recording time. It easily adapts itself to different devices and its long cable gives you a lot of freedom of movement.

Price: Rs. 1,699.00

Synco Mic-M2S

Synco Mic-M2S Camera Boom Microphone

The Synco Mic-M2S is one of the lightest and ultra-compact camera mount shotgun microphones. It doesn’t add any weight to your rig, be it a smartphone, camera, or any kind of recorder. The microphone is also highly compatible with multiple devices and it has a cable that helps you easily connect to everything. It is great for outdoor shooting as it has a wind muff and a shock mount of

silicone that reduces air interference and also minimizes unwanted vibrations. It has a battery life of 90-110 hours, making it great for all kinds of recording.

Price: Rs. 1,899.00

Synco W-Mic TS Mini

Synco Wmic – TS Mini 1-to-1 UHF Wireless Microphone

The Synco W-Mic TS Mini features the Synco Wireless Linkable Technology to give you the cleanest audio possible. It has a noise blocker to prevent interference and ensures a solid audio link. It has a line-of-sight range of 150m, ensuring reliable transmission and clear sound in the range. The foldable antennas of the microphone are meant to give you a stable signal but they also make the microphone easier to carry. It can be easily adapted to any recording device and doesn’t add any extra weight to your rig.

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