“Our Aim is to Make Mobility More Affordable and Accessible to Everyone”

“Our Aim is to Make Mobility More Affordable and Accessible to Everyone”

In the digitally evolving world, having the most effective and advanced technology solutions can help to move faster. With the ever-increasing workloads, companies are opting for SaaS products for managing their operations in a more effective way. The demand for SaaS products has grown exponentially in various sectors. ProMobi is one of the market players serving the Indian companies with its next-gen SaaS products. Rajeev Ranjan, Editor, Digital Terminal recently held an exclusive interaction with Harishanker Kannan, Co-Founder and CEO, ProMobi Technologies. Mr. Harishanker spoke about their product offerings, market demand, growth plans and etc. Read below the excerpts:

Rajeev: Please briefly tell us about ProMobi Technologies. What is your mission?

Harishanker: ProMobi Technologies is a SaaS products company headquartered in Pune, India with offices in Gurugram, Hyderabad. It also has global operations in Canada, France, USA & Mexico. Our portfolio includes products in Enterprise Mobility Management, Team Communication, and Consumer Finance space.

Our mission is to make world-class SaaS products that people across the globe love to use. We are on our way to making device management simple and effortless by providing world-class products and customer support through our flagship product Scalefusion.

Rajeev: What sort of products do you have in your portfolio? How do these products help companies in moving faster?

Harishanker: Our products are designed to meet the growing needs of device management technology across different operating systems and ownership models. Our flagship product Scalefusion MDM facilitates enterprise IT teams to have optimized control over the devices running on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows operating systems. Over 8000+ companies across 120+ countries trust Scalefusion for their mobile device management needs. 

Scalefusion is our star product that helps companies embrace enterprise mobility with an assurance of endpoint security. It empowers companies to have a 360-degree view, monitoring, and management of the entire device fleet in the organization effortlessly. With various beneficial features like device enrollment, location tracking, remote support, content management, remote commands, and conditional email access, Scalefusion remains at the forefront of making the mobile device and endpoint management journey easy for organizations. We have recently introduced new capabilities in Scalefusion. First is, Android SDK which is a completely secure and powerful suite of APIs to simplify application development in enterprise environments. Using the Scalefusion Android MDM SDK empowers app developers to minimize the code changes in handling enterprise use-cases while providing a first-class user experience on Android devices managed using Scalefusion. Another is Patch Management capability for Windows. Enterprises deploying Windows devices as workstations can now completely automate patch management on Windows devices and manage Windows OS updates with low to no IT intervention. We aim on enriching our feature portfolio with more and more useful capabilities to further boost the overall experience of our customers using Scalefusion across all platforms, this enables the companies to move faster.

The product portfolio of ProMobi also includes NuovoPay- a solution that helps Telecom Carriers, Resellers, and Finance companies to simplify mobile leasing, reduce EMI defaults and assure payment requisition. The third product is Nuovoteam which facilitates team communication within a secure environment and permits teams to share business documents and files and paves the way for group communication without compromising data security.

Rajeev: What are your expectations in terms of the growth prospects in the Indian market? How is the market landscape evolving for SaaS products?

Harishanker: There has not been a better time for SaaS in the Indian context. The Indian market is exponentially diversified with remote jobs, remote learning, and digital payments. All of these can benefit from the use of one or more SaaS solutions. This is why we have also seen huge traction in the SaaS space with multiple SaaS startups becoming unicorns. And this is just the beginning, I believe the best is yet to come. 

Rajeev: How do you look at the demand for your SaaS products in the BFSI sector? What are your plans to tap opportunities in this space?

Harishanker: The demand for SaaS products in the BFSI sector has grown to heaps. With the industry prospering towards being more and more cashless and work going paperless, SaaS solutions have become all the more paramount for the BFSI segment.

Not just the operational excellence and enabling digital transactions, the benefits of SaaS for BFSI go beyond these, enhancing employee productivity in this modern age of digital era. This is apt for elevating the experience of customers as well.  A few of the factors that speed up banking operations on a day-to-day basis are mobile applications, digital wallets, and banking kiosks.

SaaS products like Scalefusion play a vital role in safeguarding the data and functional devices used in this domain. BFSI involves a lot of sensitive information including finance, personal identity information, bank account details, card details, etc, it needs to ensure security at all times. Scalefusion MDM’s kiosk lockdown capability provides extensive kiosk management features to BFSI and provides much-needed security, which is of prime importance for the BFSI sector. Scalefusion also provides on-premise deployment for organizations that are skeptical about making an extreme shift to a cloud model.

NuovoPay, which is the device financing enablement platform from the ProMobi SaaS product portfolio, helps companies in BFSI to finance smartphones with an assurance of timely EMI repayments with its remote locking technology. This way it backs the entire financing process and makes it profitable for financial institutions and customers both.

We plan to expand our customer base for our products in India. Our aim is to make mobility more affordable and accessible to everyone - at both enterprises and individual levels. And our products help in achieving this. 

Rajeev: What are your growth and expansion plans? 

Harishanker: We are looking at setting our foot in the unexplored territories, across diverse geographies and industries. We plan on sailing with Scalefusion to tap niche markets and businesses. With the addition of essential feature capabilities like Windows Patch Management, we are already looking at enhancing the feature value of our product. In the coming years, we plan on introducing Mobile Threat Defense as well. Apart from this, we are also working rigorously to expand our OEM partnership base to set the wheels for our Scalefusion Infinity Partner Program. All these together would help us build a strong geographic presence.

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