In 2011 two business enthusiasts joined hands to build an organization with a firm determination to go global with their revolutionary product ideas in collaboration with international telecom giants.

Their strong self-belief and sheer hard work soon resulted into this enormous global success that we’d come to know as blackNgreen. Offering an array of mobile value added services and telecom products, the global technology company, blackNgreen is growing at an exponential rate from the year it was incorporated. By the introduction services like Datacom, Magic Voice, @home, SmartLine and Brahma Platform into the global mobile communications market with easy accessibility, the company generated Top Line revenue of 400 crores for operators as recorded this year. This is an exceptional rise from 60 crores revenue in 2014.

Having headquarters in Dubai and regional offices in various parts of the world, blackNgreen spans across 5 continents in 61 countries running successful operations in 97 Telcos across APAC, MEA, SEA, and LATAM regions. The company was co-founded by young business enthusiasts Mr. Rahul Gupta and Mr. Karthik Shankar in 2011 with an aim to revolutionize Global Telecom Industry with their disruptive product ideas using the technological advancements and emerging landscape in the communication gamut. Today the large clientele of blackNgreen includes renowned Telco players like Vodafone, Airtel Africa, MTN, Telenor, Orange, Telefonica, Digicel and the likes.

Setting quality and innovation benchmarks for the following business to come into the industry, blackNgreen continues to leap across the lengths and breadths of the world with a growth rate of 30% Y-O-Y, as recorded for last three consecutive years. An array of cutting-edge products developed by blackNgreen brought a major disruption in various segments of the global telecom industry. Magic Voice/Magic Call is transforming the entire entertainment segment with the ground-breaking voice morphing technology, products like Learn English/Learn French and Expert Chat are helping millions with educational/vocational training, @home is redefining the international roaming segment and Datacom has created a new revenue stream for Telco partners. The product available for both Voice and data customers has won the Most Innovative Product Award under 'The Future of Tomorrow' category at Africacom 2016 and is today used by global operators as a tool to arrest revenue loss and create customer loyalty.

Communication services have evolved at a break-neck speed over the last century, moving from the simple telegraph to satellite based communication services. But one important technology which today provides the vital backhaul for Internet users globally lost out in the race - the humble landline. And so the latest innovation from blackNgreen ‘SmartLine’ takes the fixed telephony services to the next level by making fixed lines mobile. The solution resonates with trademark blackNgreen ethos - easy to deploy and simple to use. 

On asking about the journey of blackNgreen, Rahul Gupta, Co-founder, blackNgreen commented, “The journey has been full of challenges yet astounding results. We had to rethink the MVAS business model in order to bring transformation in the industry as a whole. With the increasing Internet penetration, we had to redefine the customer experience with innovative services.”