Atos Rolls out ‘Hoox for Mission’, a 4G Communication Solution for Intervention Forces

Atos Rolls out ‘Hoox for Mission’, a 4G Communication Solution for Intervention Forces

Atos announces Hoox for mission, its new 4G/LTE communication solution for intervention forces. Hoox for mission is the first 4G solution in the world to ensure a level of security, confidentiality and resilience that meets the demands of response operations (by police and military forces) whilst still retaining the usability of a standard smartphone.

Enriched, secure and robust applications

4G allows security and task forces to share rich data whilst in action in real time, including photos, videos and even geolocations. Hoox for mission strengthens these new interactions that 4G allows, by offering innovative security and resilience functions specific to Professional Mobile Radio (PMR) networks, such as "push-to-talk" (function which enables conversation between one or several callers simultaneously, like a walkie-talkie), “Blue Force Tracking" for the positioning of allies, and the connection of IoT devices (Internet of Things), as well as a security layer and ensuring that a communications channel is always available. 

A modular solution for tactical communication

Hoox for mission is a modular solution that is based on three innovative components which are fully secured against physical attacks and interception of communications:

  • "Hoox Smartphone", a range of latest-generation smartphones based on the Android operating system, secured and optimised by Atos for field missions. The communications are accessible immediately using "push-to-talk".
  • "Hoox Hub", a portable unit similar in size to a smartphone, unique in the market, which provides access to three communication channels: public 4G, private 4G and direct communication from unit to unit. The Hoox Hub automatically switches from one channel to another without delay, ensuring that that a communications channel is always available. The members of a security team can therefore continue to communicate even if the public 4G network is unavailable or if they are isolated from the private 4G deployed for the mission; their Hoox Hubs will seamlessly change to the best network. They can even communicate between Hoox Hubs without using 4G.
  • "Hoox LTE Bubble", a module to deploy a private 4G network ensuring a high level of confidentiality. The Hoox for mission solution can also integrate private third-party LTE (Long Term Evolution) solutions.

Communication is secured from end to end: with protection against intrusions, encrypted communications (voice, data and location) and secure infrastructure. 

"Hoox for mission realizes the expertise that Atos has acquired over many years of working in ultra-secure telephony and in the deployment of vast networks of critical field communication. A European leader in cyber security, Atos uses its expertise in civilian and critical technologies to transform how mission systems are used in defence and homeland security today," says Pierre Barnabé, Chief Operating Officer, Big Data & Security at Atos.

Hoox: secure mobile telephony range

The Hoox range has been supplying international organisations and clients from the defence and private sectors since 2012. Thanks to Atos' expertise in hardware and software security, encryption and authentication, Hoox solutions, in particular its collection of "NATO restricted" solutions, are able to meet the specific requirements of these sectors.

On 28th February 2017, Atos launched Hoox for Business, its secure telephony solution for professionals.

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