Panasonic to Showcase its Latest Products Under GREEN IMPACT City Concept at CES

Panasonic to Showcase its Latest Products Under GREEN IMPACT City Concept at CES

At CES 2023, the Panasonic Group will showcase its technologies and products under the exhibition concept of GREEN IMPACT City. Four physical and online exhibition areas—Park, Town, Mobility, Home—will introduce how people's lives will change through initiatives and technologies that contribute to solving environmental problems.

The venue booths were designed with environmental impact in mind, using minimal building and flooring materials and a large amount of recycled materials to significantly reduce the carbon footprint. Backboards made of bamboo, a sustainable building material, are utilized as a backdrop for the products exhibited in each area.

An online exhibition, "Panasonic GREEN IMPACT Experience" will be also available for visitors who seek to deepen their understanding of Panasonic initiatives, products, and technology in a virtual space.

Under the banner of its long-term environmental vision, Panasonic GREEN IMPACT (PGI), the Group hopes to contribute to both the well-being of people and society as well as a sustainable global environment. It is engaged in various activities towards reducing CO2 emissions from its own operations to virtually net-zero by 2030 and to contribute to a total of 300 million tons (Mt)1 or more in avoided emissions by 2050, about 1%2 of the current total global emissions of 33 billion tons.

The Group will continue to contribute to solving social issues and creating a sustainable society through its PGI activities.

1 2019 energy-derived CO2 emissions: 33.6 billion tons (Source: IEA)
2 CO2 emission factor is based on the year 2020

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