Zamit Plans to Empower Over 1 Lakh Users Through its AI-Based Edtech Marketplace by 2024

Zamit Plans to Empower Over 1 Lakh Users Through its AI-Based Edtech Marketplace by 2024

Zamit offers a first-of-its-kind AI-based, edtech Marketplace in the country. Zamit Marketplace is one of India’s first e-com platforms designed specifically for the school ecosystem that aims to bring to the Indian market world-class learning and teaching materials and accessories for school students, teachers, and parents.

With its heavily discounted niche offerings on branded items available only on Zamit Marketplace and designed specifically for school stakeholders, the company’s AI-powered edtech Marketplace plans to onboard more than 1,00,000 users including students, parents, and teachers over the next two years. Some of the top global and Indian brands listed on the AI-driven platform include Faber-Castell, Luxor, Parker, Apsara, Linc, Amar Chitra Katha, and Decathlon, with many more brands being added to the list consistently.

Making personalization a core value proposition, Zamit Marketplace not only offers products such as school bags, tiffin carriers, sippers, pencil boxes, etc., engraved with individual names for students, but also makes available personalized pens and other such items of premium brands for teachers, school principals, and top management personnel. And for schools, it offers special "School Packs" that include stationery items, schoolbooks, sports items, and other school supplies, all at very competitive prices.

“Just as a workman is as good as his tools, good teaching & learning materials make learning more enjoyable and meaningful. Keeping this in mind, Zamit is keen to provide a first-of-its-kind AI-powered edtech Marketplace that aims to give a boost to the products used by education stakeholders to enhance the learning environment in the country. With this AI-powered Marketplace, we aim to equip students, teachers, and indeed the schools in India with the best of learning and teaching material, devices, equipment, stationery items and any other product required to better the quality of learning”, said Mr. Aarul Malaviya, Founder & Director, Zamit.

“Quality of learning as also learning outcomes must be non-negotiable for a fast-evolving school ecosystem such as in India. After all, it is this quality which would eventually shape our human resources and manpower of the future and will play a key role in the exercise of nation-building. We also know that substandard quality of learning material often proves to be a hindrance in the learning progress of students, just as it impedes a teacher's effective teaching. Hence, in addition to our path-breaking measurement system known as ZQ or Zamit Quotient, through Zamit Marketplace, we wish to bring top-quality products from the best brands at affordable rates for students, teachers, and schools in India with the broader vision to raise the overall quality of school learning in the country," added Mr. Malaviya.

Zamit Marketplace offers free shipping on minimum orders and has an India-wide presence, with 24/7 customer service. 

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