Here Are The Top 5 Tech Creators of India You Must Follow in 2023

Here Are The Top 5 Tech Creators of India You Must Follow in 2023

We are living in the age of technology which is evolving at the speed of light, and it is definitely getting harder for us to catch up. This is why we often turn our heads toward the internet and give technology a chance to explain itself.  There are many people who have tremendous influence over the technology sector through their content. Some are well-known others are less famous but no less influential. Content creation today is a thriving field and there are various creators who only choose to cater to a particular niche.  Let's deep dive into the world of tech influencers in India who help people with their tech-related problems.

  1. Tech burner: Shlok Srivastava is a one-stop shop for all things that are tech-related. His YouTube channel has 9.41M subscribers and 2.1M followers on his IG handle. On his YouTube channel, he features the most recent news on laptops, mobile phones, and computers, “How To” tutorials on gadgets and appliances, product reviews, comparisons, and a variety of life hacks. This is all supported by a quirky and entertaining storytelling style in colloquial Hindi interspersed with some English.

  2. Sharmajitechnical: Praval Sharma is another tech Instagram influencer who gives tips in Hindi. His YouTube channel has 1.68M subscribers and 104K followers on his IG handle. His content is mostly regarding mobile phone reviews, and he does unboxing videos, videos comparing two devices, and he also does giveaways. He gives the latest updates related to smartphones and the tech world on his Instagram handle. He started to make videos in Hindi to provide tech reviews in the language and reach out to the audience who wanted to learn and understand technology in Hindi.

  3. Elementec: Tejas Patil is a Tech influencer, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and the brain behind “@elementec”. An engineer by degree, Tejas always had a knack for Technology. He started his Youtube journey in 2019 and since then, has been consistently creating content to provide value to his audience. Today, he proudly represents a strong family of 136K subscribers on YouTube. Through his content, he covers the length and breadth of the tech world. He joined Instagram in the year 2021, and within a year gained 976k+ followers. 

  4. Digidoty: Abhinav Ranjan Jha provides knowledge on tech videos, i.e. tricks, tips, tutorials, best apps list, reviews, tech news, nova setups and much more about technology. His YouTube has 52.4K subscribers and 751Kfollowers on his IG handle. He provides solutions to mobile problems, informs new app launches and tools to readers, and provides in-depth guides and insights on all kinds of tech topics. 
  1. Techno Ruhez: Amrelia Ruhez is one of the very few tech content creators who review gadgets that are affordable for his audience. His YouTube channel has 3.24M subscribers and 274K followers on his IG handle. On youtube, he makes videos such as ‘5 powerful tips to double your smartphone battery’, ‘stop doing these 10 mistakes with your smart phones’, and unboxing videos. He has collaborated with some of the most well-known technology brands to create unboxing videos, review their products, etc so for his audience. 

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