PACT Organized Meet to Discuss The Future Growth Roadmap in Amritsar

PACT Organized Meet to Discuss The Future Growth Roadmap in Amritsar

PACT hosted a meet for its members on 3rd December, 2022 in Amritsar. The event was chaired by Mr. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev, President, PACT, under the chairmanship of Mr. Sunny ji, Chairman, PACT, and General Secretary Mr. Supreet was the moderators. Mr. Vikas Narang ji, President of Amritsar IT Association ACTA started the eve with a warm welcome speech, followed by motivating addressal by Mr. Sunny Ji, PACT Chairman.

Mr. Gurpreet Singh (Premier) of PACT got Nominated to FAITTA as a VP Brand Coordination and then he talked about his hard work and initiatives in brief. After that, Treasurer Mr. Devinder Mahendra delivered financial statement. While, President Mr. Gurpreet Singh Jagdev discussed about the work since last 6 months in brief along with his approach for future, as follows:

  1. The Chandigarh Expo achievement done by PACT team was a major success
  2. The settlement of a controversy by PACT of over 1.5 CR fraud
  3. The Kochi Gates negotiation done by PACT Chandigarh and Cricket representation by PACT Ludhiana
  4. Gates event to be organized next year with participation of 20 teams
  5. Along with cricket tournament, other upcoming events with vision and plans
  6. The proposal of PACT Nominated awards under prime categories
  7. To consider the plan of action according to the need for terminal GB in hills

In view of market trends and scenario, ACTA has formed a much-needed PACT Grievance Committee that can work hand in hand with City Grievance Associations to resolve the matters of intentional defaulters, who has been troubling the market continuously.

In this regard, the cities have been asked to structure the City Grievance Committees till 20 Dec, 2022, in case if they fail to form the committees, President and General Secretory of the following city will function as the Grievance Committee of that City.

This work commitment among City Grievance Committee (CGC) and PACT Grievance Committee (PGC) can handle each issue separately. CGC will be the first point of contact and in case of failure PGC will handle the issue, or can be approached by PACT City President.

Along with that, PACT issued advisory to IT dealers beyond region regarding the risks of material dispatch by BUS.

In order to ensure the participation of each and every city, Gen Sect. announced an impactful committee under the guidance of President Senior Advisory Mr. Prem Saini Hsp, Mr. Sunny Ldh, Mr. Sanjiv Walia Chd and Mr. Bhasker Jal and Financial Advisor Varinder Bansal Bta. They will be taking care of New Initiative Committee, Grievance Committee, Upcountry Alignment & Expansion, Brand & Disti Coordination, Events Committee.

Leaders participating in the meet considered the significance of these issues issue while bring the possible solutions in light along with they talked about PACT plus points and brotherhood it has been showing since years. Among them other noticeable speakers on the event were Chairman & PACT Advisor of Hoshiarpur Mr. Prem, Mr. Vikas PACT SVP Amritsar, Advisor Bathinda, Mr. Varinder, VP Brand Coord FAIITA Gurpreet Singh, Gen Sec PACT Supreet Singh, Media Advisor PACT Mr. Rajiv Khanna, Gen Sect Ludhiana Mr. Satpal Singh, Gen Sect Amr Association Mr. Munish and other leaders.

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