Kovai.co inaugurates New office space in Coimbatore

Kovai.co inaugurates New office space in Coimbatore

Kovai.co, a enterprise software and B2B SaaS company based out of Coimbatore, India, and London, U.K., has inaugurated its additional 4,500 sq. ft office space in Coimbatore. The inauguration was attended by Suresh Sambandam, founder, and chief executive officer of Kissflow. With a focus on becoming a SaaS-Unicorn by 2030, Kovai.co is building products to solve business problems. They are also nurturing the talent ecosystem in India with an aim to create and distribute wealth.

Speaking at the inauguration, Saravana Kumar, founder & chief executive officer of Kovai.co, said, “We firmly believe that a sense of purpose among individuals, teams & partners improves well-being in the workplace thereby making the workforce resilient. I see this office space as a physical representation of the brand – Kovai.co, a space where great products are built, and we experience our values.”

As a product company, Kovai.co encourages employees to move across departments, understand how different roles work and how products are built to address customer challenges. The company believes such initiatives help spur innovation and boost employee performance & collaboration.

“Simplicity and speed are the major reasons SaaS companies from India continue to see major adoption. For us, our newly launched customer success platform – Churn360 is the next step. We believe this product, along with Document360 and Serverless360, will add more value, playing a critical role in us becoming a SaaS-Unicorn by 2030, Saravana Kumar added. 

Kovai.co expects the hiring to continue at a steady pace in 2023. The focus will be on building capabilities of employees, learning & development, and helping customers derive value from the products – Churn360, Document360, and Serverless360 on a day-to-day basis. 

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