Blaupunkt Launches BTW20 Affordable TWS

Blaupunkt Launches BTW20 Affordable TWS

Blaupunkt announces most affordable earbuds BTW20 in only 1200-. With great sound, fantastic performance, and brilliant style at the most incredible pricing available in the market.

Get on-board with the vibe as you put these buds to test. Learn the true meaning of the High-Definition sound and a deep bass as you nod along with your favorite tunes. These earphones come with highly efficient and versatile 13mm drivers. Another high-end upgrade is the built-in MIC, there will be the least amount of interference from ambient sounds. You might claim that the BTW20’s calling performance is on par with the best ANC earphones available in the Indian market.

These earbuds are incredibly lightweight, stylish, and very comfortable. The feel is smooth and the form is fluid without edges. Additionally, the case's LED display contributes to reducing battery anxiety. Through the individual display, you will always be able to see the battery level of each bud.

The F1 battery performance gives a 14-hrs of playtime in a single charge. The turbo-volt tech inside results in superfast charging. A 10-mins charge enables you to 30 minutes of playtime. You can also access Siri and Google Assistant with ease. And the clear MIC you will see that your voice commands are answered fast.

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