IceWarp Organizes an Exclusive Round Table with Top Indian CIOs

IceWarp Organizes an Exclusive Round Table with Top Indian CIOs

IceWarp recently organized an exclusive CIOs roundtable with key IT decision-makers of 10+ unique organizations. During the converge, Mr. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India and Middle East, engaged in meaningful conversations about futuristic tools of Email and Collaboration with the IT decision-makers of leading brands.

IceWarp makes Email, Collaboration, and productivity software for companies that value choice, reliability, and affordability. With more than 20+ years of existence across the globe, IceWarp has a proven track record as the leading alternative to MS 365, Exchange and Google Workspace.

“Our aim is to be easier to work with compared to larger competitors,” said Mr. Pramod Sharda, CEO, IceWarp India and Middle East while speaking at the event. “We protect our customer’s privacy and we don’t scan their data. We work hard to accommodate any business requirement. And we make sure to support any deployment scenario and any front-end environment the customer requires. We have the required expertise and use case understanding of every vertical hence we can cater to the exact demand of the customer as per their requirement”, he added.

Eminent professionals began the discussion by commenting on the constantly evolving landscape of hybrid work and changes witnessed by the overall IT ecosystem in the post pandemic scenario. The evolving changes and needs in the Communication and Collaboration landscape. While the discussion presented some of the commonly faced challenges related to Migration, downtime, Co-existence, support, data security, and deployment, the conversation also highlighted some of the key value propositions of IceWarp like Seamless Migration and Integration with Zero Downtime, 24/7 support, Local data centres and dedicated project delivery teams, to address the challenges.

The round table was fruitful in highlighting the criticality of seamless integration and cloud-based solutions as well as the importance of the solution’s user-friendliness and hybrid deployments for the IT decision-makers. IceWarp offers features that are beyond Email communication like TeamChat, Conferences, Documents, etc while ensuring all the productivity needs are covered. It also commits to making the process of migration to IceWarp, which offers Advanced Email Security, Archival & MDM features, to be easy and seamless.

Email communication and collaboration solutions provider, IceWarp also shared that it has done local investments amounting to $4 million in India and will continue to do more such investments in the next few years. Of this, $1.5 million has been invested in local data centres to ensure the security of its client’s data. Currently, 1200+ IceWarp’s customers are spread across three Indian Data centres and the Enterprise Email and Collaboration Suite company plans to deploy two more sites in Noida and Bangalore by next year.

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